On March 21, Apple CEO Tim Cook finally brought us the unsurprising midterm new iPhone which is named after SE, indicating the special edition. The name matched one of the latest rumors, and so is the screen size, which returns to the 4 inch. Despite the fact the new iPhone SE fails to wow us in terms of innovation, it does shockingly startles us with its appearance, because it looks exactly the same of the retiring iPhone 5s. If you put an iPhone SE side by side with a 5s, you won’t be able to tell the two apart at your first glance, except when the SE is a rose gold version.


Are you satisfied with this smaller new iPhone? Guess so, if only you belong to those who hate large screen phablets which is hard to fit into your jeans. Anyway, iPhone SE features most of the robust features available on the current flagship 6s, plus its budget friendly pricing, it is not hard to seize some market share. So, if you are going to grab one when the shipment starts in the end of March, you may get yourself prepared to transfer everything you have on your current iPhone to the new iPhone SE. And during that process, you might need an iOS data recovery software, which help you recover almost all the data in case you get it lost.


Here below is a detailed step-by-step tip showing you how you can recover the lost Message from the iPhone SE. Hope it will do you some good.

Recover Message from iPhone SE: Step 1 – Download and install the latest version of DVDFab iFoneRetore on to your computer, and then choose the first recovery mode after starting it up;



Recover Message from iPhone SE: Step 2 – Do what the onscreen instruction asks to connect your iPhone SE to your computer via its data cable;



Recover Message from iPhone SE: Step 3 – Click the Start button to proceed, and then click on the Messages icon from the Text Data section to start scanning your iPhone SE, which might take a couple of minutes, please wait until the scanning finishes;




Recover Message from iPhone SE: Step 4 – When the scan finishes, you can select the wanted messages to put them back to your PC hard drive, or onto your iPhone SE straight forward.



Sidenote: you can use the toggle switch at the top left corner to display only the deleted items to narrow down your searching scope, or use the search box at the top right corner to locate the message you are looking for.


Above is all about how to get your accidentally deleted messages back with iFoneRestore from DVDFab. It’s incredibly easy to do. No worry of data loss any more. For more information, you can visit https://www.dvdfab.cn/ifonerestore.htm