As soon as making clones of a DVD movie is concerned, there must be something coming to mind, for example, DVD cloner software, blank DVD discs, and also DVD writer, which is usually a DVD drive in your computer and which is able to burn DVDs. In these things, the one we need pay special attention to is the software, because there are many of them on the internet, some are free, some are sharewares, some have very good qualities, some produce poor backup discs. DVDFab DVD Copy, a born professional in cloning DVD movies, is a prominent DVD copying software which has very good reputation for more than ten years of history.


Now let’s prove how DVDFab DVD Copy is good at doing the job of cloning DVD movies.


How to Clone a DVD Movie: 1 > Start up DVDFab 9, then navigate to Copy option, Clone/Burn mode;



How to Clone a DVD Movie: 2 > Put your target DVD movie disc into the DVD drive. After a few seconds, DVDFab 9 will start to analyze it. When it finishes analyzing, you need set the “Save to” target to the same DVD drive, too;



How to Clone a DVD Movie: 3 > Press the “Start” trigger to let go the clone. After another few minutes, you will be asked to replace the original DVD movie disc with a blank DVD media in your DVD drive, and do it.


Software you need: the latest build of DVDFab 9

Product you need order: DVD Copy


As you can see, you can clone a DVD movie with DVDFab DVD Copy in just three steps. How easy it is! For further information, please go to