Do you often watch movies at home on your standalone DVD player, or, do you often go to cinema for better experience? If you prefer the former, you must own an army of DVD movie collections. And what’s more, you must have a clear idea of how to clone a DVD-video disc, because time and time again, you’ll have to do it, right? Yes, let’s see how to clone a DVD-video disc. DVD cloner software is what we need in terms of software, and of course we also need blank DVD disc and a DVD drive, capable of writing DVDs. DVDFab DVD Copy has a born feature of cloning DVD-video discs.


This tip below will describe how to clone a DVD-video disc with DVDFab DVD Copy.


How to Clone a DVD-Video Disc: 1 > Start up DVDFab 9, then navigate to Copy option, Clone/Burn mode;



How to Clone a DVD-Video Disc: 2 > Put your target DVD-video disc into the DVD drive. After a few seconds, you’ll see DVDFab 9 start to analyze it. When this process finishes, set the target to the same DVD drive, too;



How to Clone a DVD-Video Disc: 3 > Press the “Start” trigger to let go the clone. After another few minutes, you will be asked to replace the original DVD-video disc with a blank DVD media in your DVD drive, and do it.


Software you need: the latest build of DVDFab 9

Product you need order: DVD Copy


Yeah, you see, this is so simple. For more information, please go to