How to Convert Blu-ray Videos to MKV/M4P/M2S/TS and More with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

2019-08-12 04:15:35

Over the past several years Blu-ray has become one of the most popular formats, especially when it comes to movies. It’s no secret that Blu-ray videos look and sound better than many other formats but that excellent quality tends to come at a price. A Blu-ray video is generally quite larger than the same video in a more common format like MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV and more.


While file size is less of an issue these days, there are still a lot of people that don’t have huge hard drives. Not to mention the people who want to watch their favorite videos on phones with rather limited storage capacity. Luckily, you can circumvent those issues by using a Blu-ray (video) converter like the one offered by DVDFab. With DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, you can convert Blu-ray to video formats or rip blu-ray to MKV, MP4, M2TS, TS, and more.


DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper Main Features and Versions


Main Features


DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is a professional-grade piece of software that supports a lot of video/audio outputs. This means you can easily convert Blu-ray to MKV/M4P/M2TS/TS and many other formats. In addition to being an efficient and easy to use ripper and converter, the software also comes with a powerful built-in video editor and a great selection of customization tools.


A few other notable features include batch conversion, file merging, multi-threading, hardware acceleration, and more. In short, this is a fully-featured utility that can be used for a wide variety of purposes in addition to file conversion.


The Blu-ray Ripper Versions You Can Choose


One of the best things about DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is that you can actually use it for free. The software is available in three variants – Full Trial, Free, and Paid. The Trial version lasts for 30 days when you first sign up and gives you access to all the features, however, you can only use it to rip and convert a total of three Blu-rays. After that, you can keep using the Free version, which can be used indefinitely but has a number of limitations.


Meanwhile, the Paid version comes with all the features and has no restrictions. With this version you can convert Blu-rays to various video/audio formats and devices. The Paid version is the one we’re going to use in this article to give you a better idea of the software’s capabilities. If you want to upgrade to the Paid variant or simply learn more about the different versions on the page of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how the Blu-ray video converter works.


Step-by-Step Guide to Using DVDFab Video Converter


Step 1: Choose the Correct Module


Download and install DVDFab 11 for Windows or Mac, depending on your operating system. The Blu-ray ripper component is part of the DVDFab 11 software suite and can be accessed by opening the program and clicking the Ripper module located in the upper menu. It’s the second icon from the left.


rip blu-ray to mkv/mp4/m2ts/ts


Step 2: Load the Source


With the Ripper module now selected, it’s time to load the Blu-ray you wish to convert. If the source is a Blu-ray disc, you can insert the disc to your optical drive and DVDFab will load it automatically.  If the source is a Blu-ray folder or ISO file, you can simply click the big “+” button found in the middle of the UI and navigate to the source. Or you can also drag and drop the folder or ISO to the main interface to load it.


convert blu-ray to video


Step 3: Choosing a Profile


Change to your desired format by clicking on the profile switcher highlighted in the red square at the top left of the software.This can be done by clicking the little button found in the upper left corner of the UI. Here, under Format, you can go to the Video category and choose one of the many available formats at your disposal. If you want to get a bit more specific, you can use the various filters to only show 4K or 12bit formats, for example.


blu-ray converter


Also under Format, you can click the Web Optimized section if you would rather convert Blu-rays to videos that are perfect for uploading to YouTube. Meanwhile, going to the Device tab will let you convert videos for specific types of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles or other compatible devices. If you want to use this option, simply click on your device’s brand and then model.


convert blu-ray to device


It’s worth noting that using the Web Optimized or Device options results in MP4 profiles a lot of the time. Use Format if you want more control over the output. In this example we’re going to use the Blu-ray converter to turn our video to M2TS for demonstration purposes but feel free to use any format that works best for you.


Step 4: Advanced Settings


Customizing videos in DVDFab 11 is quite simple and can be done via the Advanced Settings menu. In order to access this menu, click the little wrench icon and then pick between the various dropdown menus to begin making adjustments.


For example, in the first section of the menu you can change the video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, codec, encoding method or split. If you’re already familiar with video customization you can make use of the Bits/Pixel slider to achieve the desired quality to size ratio. Alternatively, you can also manually add specific values in the fields marked “Bit Rate” and “Output Size.” But if you don’t want to mess around with too many settings here you can just speed up the process by selecting a Video Quality preset.


convert blu-ray to video advanced settings


The audio settings work in a similar way, with the menu allowing you to choose the sample rate, bit rate, codec or channels of the video. Of course, there’s a volume slider as well. The last section of the menu is dedicated to subtitles and there are three options to choose from – Direct render to video, Remux into file, and Extract to idx/sub file. Choosing the first option will result in hardcoded subs that cannot be turned on or off. The other two options output subs that can be turned on or off, with the last option also extracting them into a separate idx/sub file instead of embedding them directly into the video.


If you used the 3D filter earlier when picking the format, you’ll see an additional section in the Advanced Settings menu known simply as 3D. These settings allow you convert 2D videos to SBS 3D. Simply pick one of the options from the dropdown menu to get started and then adjust the gain and visual depth of the output by using the two sliders.


convert blu-ray to 3d video


There are a few more settings you should be aware of, however, these are actually located back on the main user interface. Here, you can quickly change the name of the video, select the audio tracks and subtitles you want to be added to the output, as well as the chapters and titles you want to rip. Moreover, there’s also a handy dropdown menu that lets you quickly choose a quality present without having to access the Advanced Settings menu anymore.


rip blu-ray to mkv/mp4/m2ts/ts settings


Step 5: Video Editing


The Blu-ray video converter comes equipped with a very powerful and easy to use editor. You can access the editor by clicking the little pencil icon located right next to the Advanced Settings menu (refer to the above screenshot). Doing so will open a new window that features a whole bunch of different options you can play with. The sheer amount of options may seem overwhelming if you don’t have any previous experience with video editing but don’t worry because we’re going to break things down into two categories in order to make things easier to understand.


Watermarks and Subtitles


If you look under the preview section of the editor you will immediately notice three large icons, each containing a different set of tools you can use to edit your videos. Some of these tools are pretty self-explanatory but we’re going to give you a short description of each just in case you’re not sure how to use them.


Clicking the first icon will open up a new set of options that you can use to add text watermarks to your videos. All of these can be found in the section that appears beneath the progress bar. Here, use the last field to type in the text you want to use as your watermarks and adjusts its font, size, color or transparency with the help of the dropdown menus found just above it. The changes you make can be seen in real-time in the Preview window.


The Blu-ray video converter also allows you to add image watermarks just as easily. Click the second icon to get started and then upload the image you want to use from your computer. Use the slider found underneath the progress bar to adjust the transparency or manually add a value in the adjacent field. Just like with text watermarks, you can check the Preview window to see the changes in real time.


Finally, the third icon allows you to add and edit subtitles Simply click on it to upload the subtitle file you want and then play around with the available options if you need to make certain adjustments. For example, you can change the font, size, and color of the subtitles or make them bold or italic. You can also add a delay, modify their position, select the language, and more.


convert blu-ray to video editor


Video Properties, Cropping, and Trimming


The other main set of options can be accessed using the three little icons found the beneath the first one. The first icon on this row allows you to change video properties such as Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation with the help of the three sliders. Here, you can also rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise by increments of 90 degrees.


Clicking the second icon gives you access to the cropping tool. Here, you can use the dropdown menu to quickly crop the video according to a specific aspect ratio, such as 4:3 or 16:9 for example. If you want more control over the cropping process, you can instead manually add your desired values in the four fields located to the right of that Crop Aspect Ratio menu.


Finally, the Blu-ray video converter also includes a trimming tool, which can be accessed by clicking the icon to the right of the Cropping tool. Here, you can use the two little red arrows to adjust the start and end time of the section you want to trim. Or, use the fields underneath the progress bar if you would prefer to instead add the start and end time manually.


Step 6: Choosing the Output Destination


If you’re happy with the default destination folder you can skip this step and convert the Blu-ray to another video type now. If you would like to change the output destination, however, you have a few different options to work with. First off, you can use the bottom left menu to quickly choose a local folder or the mobile device you want to send the converted video to. It’s worth mentioning that only MP4 supported formats can be transferred directly to mobile so we can’t use the option in this case.


If your preferred destination can’t be found in the menu list, you can add a different one by clicking the little folder icon located right next to it. You can also use the adjacent globe icon to upload your converted video directly to YouTube. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll first need to sign in to your YouTube account before you can use this option.


blu-ray (video) converter save destination


Step 7: Starting the Conversion Process


Now that everything else has been taken care of we can go ahead and fire up the Blu-ray video converter. To do this, simply click the Start button found in the lower right corner of the UI or the little arrow next to it if you want to schedule the process for later. Clicking the ‘Start Later’ button will initate this popup.


convert blu-ray to video save task later


To change the time, head over to your ‘Task Queue’ and look at the bottom of the software. There, you will see an option ‘Start the task(s) at.’ Here, you can change the time.


convert blu-ray to mkv/mp4/m2ts/ts


Final Thoughts


We hope this guide has helped you learn more about how to convert Blu-ray to MKV/M4P/M2S/TS or any other format with DVDFab 11’s Blu-ray Ripper. As the software is pretty straight forward, after playing around with it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it. While this post covered Blu-ray video conversion, we’ve also outlined how to extract Blu-ray audio on Windows and Mac.  

① Rip and convert Blu-rays to watch on PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.
② Extract the audio tracks from Blu-rays and output as audio files
③ Support all the popular audio & video formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, etc.
④ Support to edit the videos like cropping, trimming, and more
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster