Summary: This article will show you how to create a GIF with DVDFab Toolkit, a sort of professional but versatile software that can be applied to addressing all kinds of issues related to video, audio and image.

Want to know how to create a gif free and easily? It is an indisputable fact that GIF has seen its increasing popularity in recent years due to its wide application in social media platform to delight followers and in marketing campaigns to boost sales. More often than not, people grasp how to make a GIF from a video for the purpose of connecting with their friends or highlighting something on social media sites. After all, GIFs are easy to make from videos and have small file size, which drives faster download with better quality.

Against such backdrop, how to make a GIF from a video? As a video fan, it is imperative to acquire this skill to make your social life varied and graceful. You might wonder whether there exists any reliable software that can help you to create GIF from MP4. No worries! The following guideline aims to familiarize yourself with how to turn a video into GIF.

PART 1: How to Create a GIF with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 1: Run DVDFab Toolkit and opt for ‘Video to GIF’ module

Download, install and launch this program from ‘Free Download’ on the product page. At present, this software is only available to Windows OS. Upon installation, feel free to experience it directly and further locate ‘Video to GIF’ from ‘Image Tools’ that sits next to ‘Video to PIC’.

Download DVDFab Toolkit to create a GIF

Step 2: Load source video

Press ‘+’ button on the center of the interface to import the video file in MP4 format. Alternatively, directly drag and drop the MP4 video onto ‘+’ section. Actually, you can add more than one video at one go.

Add file to create a GIF from MP4 video

By the way, you are advised to download MP4 video from Vimeo or Dailymotion with DVDFab Downloader, an expert download tool to get your desired videos from over 1000+ sites. Moreover, to download videos from these popular sites offers abundant resource to make stylish and striking GIF images.

Step 3: Create a GIF from video

After your loading the video file, there will pop up a screen where you can edit your GIF. Then trim your video to a duration of 0-10 seconds to capture the video clip you want to make into GIF. Creating GIF by the unit of seconds less than 10 seconds can ensure GIF size to be created is  advisable enough to be quickly uploaded to social media platforms, since most social media sites have special limitations on the upload of video or image file size.

Learn how to make a GIF from a video

Apart from start and end time set for the GIF animation, you are allowed to select loop (repeat the animation) type from the given drop-down menu, which offers any number of predefined times. Meanwhile, you can choose the playback speed and pixel size of GIF created from video. What’s more, you might set frame delay as needed to achieve better visual effect.

Set parameters to make a GIF from a video

Step 4: Set file directory and hit ‘Start’ button

Set the file destination to save the output GIF. Once done, hit ‘Start’ button to wait for the resulting file created from MP4 video. Once finished, upload it to social media sites or send to your friends for pleasure.

Now you might have understood how to create a GIF from video with this easy-to-use software. Obviously, to create GIF from MP4 is quite simple and practical if you are in dire need of changing the original style of connecting with your followers via sending unique but vivid GIF files. Maybe, posting them on the social media posts will be much more attractive.

PART 2: Other Tools to Create a GIF

As the saying goes that all roads lead to Rome. Aside from DVDFab Toolkit, there are other tools that can be used to make a GIF from a video. Here the author merely gives a brief introduction to a few tools.

1. Create a GIF with PhotoShop

PhotoShop can be used to string images together into a GIF or simply create a GIF from a video. Anyway, this tool is rather complicated for laymen when it comes to how to make a GIF from a video.

2. Create a GIF with

This GIF maker is easy to use but allows for no ownership of the created GIF image. If you want a clean one, you have to subscribe to its paid version.

3. Create a GIF with

This is an online tool deigned to make a GIF from video on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram. However, does not provide key features for free. You need subscription to remove watermark from made GIF.

In the final analysis, DVDFab Toolkit can be deemed as the first choice when you hope to create a GIF fast and well, compared to other tools mentioned above.

PART 3: Omnipotent Features of DVDFab Toolkit

Speaking of this program, you might be shocked by its all-round functions because it can be applied to resolve all issues relevant to video, audio and image.

Video Tools: a master key for converting videos between popular formats, trimming video clips, cropping display area, adjusting playback speed of videos, flipping videos both horizontally and vertically, rotating videos clockwise or anticlockwise, sharpening or blurring video screen, anti-shaking videos, and converting interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools: an ideal tool to convert audio between mainstream formats, trim audios, adjust volume, remove background noises from audio clips, and apply a constant amount of gain to an audio recording to bring the amplitude to a target level: peak normalization and loudness normalization.

Image Tools: used to create GIF images from videos and take pictures from videos in view of specified frame or time intervals.


As described above, you probably have had an intimate knowledge of how to create a GIF from video by glancing over this tutorial. As a matter of fact, this software can bring you much more except for teaching you how to making a GIF out of a video, especially from downloaded Vimeo videos. If you have strong enthusiasm and actual demand, feel free to test other features. For example, if you expect to convert FLAC to MP3 for free, or simply speed up YouTube videos, do not forget to try out this helpful toolbox.