Starting from the ver. 2.3.00, DVDFab Media Player for Mac lets movie lovers install a basket of 3rd party video add-ons, so that they can watch hundreds of thousands of online videos effortlessly. However, when there are too many video add-ons installed, you sometimes may want to delete or remove a certain one. How to do this?


Check this tip out, and you will see how easy it could be.


Ø Remove a selected video add-on from DVDFab Media Player


Step 1: At the Video Add-ons window, select the video add-on you want to remove, for example, G4TV;


Step 2: Click the “-” button, System shall ask you to confirm the deletion of the selected add-on, click “Yes” to proceed the deletion, otherwise click “No” to cancel the process;



Step 3: If you confirm the deletion, you will see the selected add-on (G4TV) removed immediately.



Then, how to get the removed video add-on back again? That is as easy as when you remove it. Check out the steps and you will see.


Ø Install the deleted video add-on back


Step 1: Still at the Video Add-ons window, click the “+” button;



Step 2: Press the “Browse” button from the pop-up window. Note this is exactly the window when you first install all the video add-ons;



Step 3: Navigate to the Addons-master > Video Addons-English, and find the exact add-on you just deleted, and then click the “Open” button. Mind you that if you have deleted the Video Addons folder from your Mac already, you would have to proceed the download and unzip process again, the download link is always available at the above window;



Step 4: Click the “Install” button to install it, and then click the “OK” button, you shall see the deleted video add-on already sits back in the Video Add-ons window.



Congratulations! You did it again. For more information, please go to