As a rising star among all video editing programs, VideoCruise never fades next to its rival products thanks to its intuitive interface, powerful features, and stunning user experience. In this post, we will discuss how to use this tool to edit audio from multiaspects so that you won’t feel confused in the process of audio editing.

Add Background Music to Video

VideoCruise offers a powerful audio library for music and sound effect to be added to a video for specific purpose. Click ‘Audio’ tab in the sidebar and choose ‘Music’ from the given templates. Note that all these music files and sound effects are stored in the cloud. Thus, you need to download (↓) your wanted music or sound effect first and then click the plus (+) icon to load the chosen file into the audio timeline.

Record Voiceover

The mike icon on the toolbar represents voiceover recording. Having installed and adjusted the microphone device on PC, you can click the mike button to record your own voice. Upon click, the red recording button on the toolbar will light up. Before recording, remember to mute the original video sound. VideoCruise will record your voice and play it automatically in the preview screen. Double-click the recorded file on the voiceover timeline to adjust audio speed, volume, or add fade in and fade out effects.

Create Audio Sequence

Add audio clips to the audio timeline via drag & drop from Media library. You can right-click the audio clips in the Media zone and choose ‘Add to Project’ to import them to the timeline for audio as well. All chosen audio clips will be added to timeline. Select a certain audio clip, hold the mouse, and move the file forward or backward to adjust its order as needed.

Split Audio Clips

Choose the loaded audio file in the timeline, move the slider to where you want to cut. Tab ‘Split’ (the scissors) button on the toolbar, or right-click the audio clip, choosing ‘Split’ from the context menu to split the audio clip into parts.

Trim Audio Clips

Move the mouse over the edge of the audio clip displayed in the timeline until a double arrow icon appears. Press and hold the left mouse button, and move the mouse left or right to keep your desired part from the whole audio file.

Detach Audio from Video

Right-click the video clip in the timeline, choose ‘Audio Detach’ from the context menu.

Once done, the audio clip will be detached from the video, which will be displayed in the audio timeline immediately. But the original video clip is still retained.

Speed up & Adjust Volume

Double-click the audio clip in the timeline, there will pop up a window where you can adjust the playback speed of the audio clip. You can also right-click the audio clip, selecting ‘Edit’ from the context menu to adjust the audio speed. Just drag the slider from left to right, and vice versa, to speed up or slow down audio speed as you like.

Adjust Volume

As shown above, double-click the audio clip in the timeline, or right-click the audio clip to choose ‘Edit’, and you will see a window where you can turn up or turn down the audio volume. Simply drag the slider from left to right, and vice versa, to increase or decrease the audio volume.

Fade in & Fade out

Same as above, when the audio edit window appears, drag the slider to set Fade in and Fade out effects as you want.

Warm tip: If you want to get high-quality audio clip, you can tick Voice Enhancement (for VIP users).

To conclude, you can edit audio with VideoCruise in simple clicks so as to make your audio files better suit your needs. Meanwhile, you can edit video in multiaspects to make it compelling and efficient with the ultimate goal of boosting business, making fantastic home videos, or polishing film post-production.

Turn to this simple guide on how to use VideoCruise in a professional, easy, and free way.