“I accidentally deleted some of photos from my iPhone 6 Plus, which are the precious moments of my only kid when she learned to walk. I am now in a desperate situation to find them back. I heard that there are some iPhone data recovery apps which claim to be able to that. Is DVDFab iFoneRestore able to do this for me? ”


Absolutely, as a professional iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery software, DVDFab iFoneRestore can help you recover the deleted photos on your iPhone, provided that the photos you deleted still sit in the “Recently Deleted” albums, as Apple will by default keep the deleted photos in that album for a maximum of 30 days before permanently delete them.


Check out the details below to see how to make that happen.


Recover the Deleted Photos on iPhone 6 Plus: Step 1 – Download, install and start up DVDFab iFoneRestore, click on the “Recover from iOS Device” tab, and then connect your iPhone 6 Plus with your computer.


Recover the Deleted Photos on iPhone 6 Plus: Step 2 – Click on the “Start” button, and then click on the “Photos” icon under the media data section to let the application scan your iPhone 6 Plus, which shall take a couple of seconds.

Recover the Deleted Photos on iPhone 6 Plus: Step 3 – When the scan finishes, just browse through the photos to find the ones you accidentally deleted, and then click on the “Recover to PC” button to transfer them back onto your PC.


There you are! For more information, feel free to visit www.dvdfab.cn/ifonerestore.htm