1. Introduction

2. Brief Tutorial on How to Use this BD Player

3. Other Cool Features of DVDFab Player 6 to Know

1. Introduction

DVDFab Player 6 aims to be the best BD player in the market right now, which supports any Blu-ray discs, including those Cinavia protected ones. It would automatically decrypt the protected BDs during the process of disc loading. During the playing, this best BD player would deliver you great audio-visual effect to make you feel you are just now in a movie theater. And it’s very easy to use with only a couple of clicks. Next let’s go have a large picture about how to play BD with it.


2. Brief Tutorial on How to Use this BD Player

Step 1: Download and install the best BD player 

You can ahead to the official website to download the right version matching with your computer system, please be noted that we have both Windows and Mac OS on offer. Or you can also click the below two buttons to download the windows or Mac installers for this best BD player.

 Download (Win)    Download (Mac)  

Step 2: Set Blu-ray Region

After starting DVDFab Player 6, go to the top right corner of the main interface, choose Settings and then navigate to Blu-ray to choose a region matching with your area.  Then you need to choose a playback mode before loading your BD into this player software. 

Set Blu-ray region in this best BD player

Step 3: Set playback mode

There are two playback modes: Simple Mode and Menu Mode. The Simple Mode will play the main movie directly, while the Menu Mode will let you navigate via Blu-ray menu. We’re using Menu Mode here.
 Choose blu-ray playback region

Step 4: Load the BD

Now insert the BD into optical drive. Click Disc at the left column to open the inserted discs here. The the disc in corresponding drive will be loaded quickly.


Click disc to load BD file

Step 5: Enjoy the BD and control settings during play

Then it would present you the BD menu under the Menu playback mode, then you can set the languages, subtitles and the part you would like to play first at the menu. Each menu might be different in accordance with various BD.

Enjoy the BD and control settings during play

Note: If you want to switch to another movie title, you can use the playlist. If you’ve loaded in more than 1 movies, you can also switch between different movies freely at the playlist button located at the right below area of this software.


3. Other Cool Features of DVDFab Player 6 to Know

3.1 Organize local media library by poster wall

DVDFab Player 6 is able to organize the media files saved at local efficiently by presenting you a well-organized Poster Wall. How does this best BD player achieve that? The answer is, it would automatically organize your local DVD, Blu-ray, or 4k UHD files like the folder or ISO or even video of various mainstream formats into a well arranged poster wall. 

Organize local media library by poster wall

In order to doing that, you need to set several directory in this software to detect the files saved at local. Then this best BD player would automatically matching the exquisite poster on the Internet with your movie files and present you a whole library for you to meander. This would be a good news for those who has tons of movies but feel it is a headache to locate them each time and to organize those files well.

3.2 PC Mode and TV Mode to satisfy all Needs

Regarding PC Mode, the above tutorial is based on the PC mode, so we don’t need to talk about it more. It would deliver you one good benefit, that is, to watch movie anywhere if you have your laptop on your hand.

PC Mode and TV Mode to meet all needs

Meanwhile, if you have a big screen TV in your home and high resolution home stereo system, then TV playback modes would be your best choice to deliver a fantastic movie experience. It would make your movie viewing just like you are in a cinema right now, because this BD player would output Hi-Res Audio like Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master, or DTS:X, etc., with up to 7.1 channel output support, which would be a perfect match with your top-notch home facilities.

3.3 Create and Play a whole playlist

As a binge watcher for TV or movie series, we can’t wait to see another episode after the previous episode is finished. If you let a binge watcher to load the file one by one, you would drive him crazy. But no worries, this would be perfectly solved with the best BD player ever seen on the market. If you have a whole series movie files to play, you can simply drag and drop all the files into this best BD player, then a playlist would be created. If you finish watching the previous episode, you can click the next one to play, saving the trouble of locating and loading files one by one.

playlist creation in this best BD player


OK. Done. Now you’ve grasped everything about how to play BD with this best BD player on the market. DVDFab Player 6 is the best BD player on market right now, you can play your protected BDs with this brand-new generation of DVDFab player. And not only that, this BD player is not just limited to BD playing. If you have 4k UHD or DVD on your hand, this BD player is also compatible with them, offering you a convenient and inclusive way to play multimedia, instead of finding one after another player only to find its function is quite limited. 

Click to see more info about DVDFab Player 6. If you would also like to learn how to play Blu-ray folder or how to play Blu-ray ISO file, read more about these articles, the vital information are all covered inside. 

For more operation of this best BD player, watch this video: