I. Introduction
II. Detailed Operation of DVDFab Player 6
III. Extended Useful Knowledge about This DVD Player

I. Introduction

Saving your DVD as DVD folders for backup on laptop is a smart idea, for nowadays people move around a lot. When you are on a long journey, it would be so much easier for you to play a DVD folder instead of a DVD. So if you happen to want to experience the old time of watching DVD movies in your home, a good DVD folder player can solve all your problem. 

This article below will help you to gain detailed information about DVDFab Player 6, the best DVD folder player that works perfectly both on Windows and Mac OS, which is able to play DVD movie folders saved on your PC with only a couple of clicks. It performs excellently with fast speed and superior audiovisual effect. Now wondering about the detailed operation about this best DVD folder player? Keep reading.

II. Detailed Operation of DVDFab Player 6

Step 1: Install and Start DVDFab Player 6 

Click the below buttons the get the installer of DVDFab Player 6, please note that you have to choose the right installer of this software that is compatible with your laptop system.

 Download (Win)    Download (Mac)   

interface after starting the best dvd player

Step2: Set playback mode before loading DVD folder

Before you load the folder file, you should preset the playback mode at the settings panel. Mind the Settings icon at the top right corner of this software, click it to choose the playback mode inside. You can either choose Simple Mode or Menu Mode here. The only difference is that Simple Mode would play the main movie directly while Menu Mode would present you a DVD menu for you to navigate the movie. We use Menu Mode here.

Set blu-ray region before loading DVD folder

Step 3: Load in DVD Folder

After the successful installation, start this DVD folder player, you would see an interface like this. Click the arrow button in the center of the main interface to go to click File Explorer to find the source you want to view and load it in. Or, you can just drag and drop the source file into the program.

Load in dvd folder with file explorer

Step 4: Enjoy the DVD Now

DVDFab Player 6 will load the DVD folder very quickly and you don’t have to wait to view it. Now navigate the DVD to enjoy it. 
 Enjoy the DVD Now with the best dvd player


Step 5: Change settings during DVD playing (Optional)

One thing to remember is that you can always change settings during the process of playing DVD, like change audio channels, video ratio, playback speed as well as different chapters to play. If you have finished watching this DVD folder, you can also open another media during the playing process by double clicking on the screen. 

Control settings during play

III. Extended Useful Knowledge about This DVD Player

1.    How to view an entire playlist?

If you want to view any title you like or an entire playlist, you can bring about a playlist by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner. Or, you can simply drop the folder files altogether into this awesome DVD Player, the playlist would be created immediately, enabling you to switch between different movie titles or different movies with no need of loading file one by one.

View an entire playlist with best dvd player

2.    How to watch 3D DVD?

As you might have 3D movies saved as folders on your laptop, or if you have bought a 3D TV at your home, DVDFab Player 6 is also a fantastic 3D movie player, which comes with all-round 3D playback support for 3D DVD or BD discs, ISO files and 3D videos. You can customize your 3D viewing in the Settings, such as 3D scene depth, or Swap eye view as per your personal preferences.

watch 3D DVD with best dvd player

3.    How to Preview a Movie?

If you are wondering how to preview a movie, then you are at the right place. More than often, you might have a special need to preview a movie to decide whether it is worth your time because you may probably spend a whole afternoon watching a movie, it is understandable that you want that experience to be superb. Moreover, you might also need to locate a special scene, then DVDFab Player 6, the best DVD player on market, may solve all your concerns with its fantastic smart movie preview function.

Preview a movie with the best dvb player

Just hover the mouse over any part of the playback progress bar, then a time-stamped thumbnail shall pop up automatically; or, you can also use the dedicated Preview feature, which also shows thumbnails with adjustable time intervals and quantities.


OK. All done. Just so easy to watch a DVD folder with DVDFab Player 6, an all-inclusive DVD player that integrating many functions to deliver the user best movie enjoying experience. For more info about DVDFab Player 6, click to unlock the myth of this fantastic DVD player. 

If you are also interested in learning how to play Blu-ray folder or how to play DVD ISO file, click to see the step-by-step tutorials would be provided inside. 

For more information about this best DVD folder player, find out in this video: