Despite the fact there are numerous video players on the market, or you might have tried many programs, it may be still necessary for you to seek the most full-featured one with a view to better user experience. However, to find the right one from innumerable search results online seems an act of fishing for a needle in the ocean. If you happen to glance over this article, then you must be the most luckiest person to keep pace with the breakthrough and innovation of player software.

This article aims to present you the latest video player, DVDFab Player 6, which combines the features of media player and media manager, designed to bring users a brand-new visual experience. The following guideline tells you the ins and outs of how to use this player software to watch your loved videos.

PART 1: How to Play Video with DVDFab Player 6

Step 1: Run DVDFab Player 6

Download, install and launch DVDFab Player 6, and choose PC mode from the pop-up window. If you try this player for the first time, there will appear an interface reminding you to select ‘PC Mode’ or ‘TV Mode’. You can set ‘PC Mode’ from ‘Settings’, avoiding pop-up reminder every time you open this program.

Note that this player is applicable to Windows and Mac OS, with Standard and Ultra versions available for you. You can enjoy all features once you are willing to pay some dollars for the Ultra version. If you do, the dollars you have spent will bring you unexpected results.

Download DVDFab Player 6

Step 2: Load or search for video file to be played

This video player makes breakthrough in building a navigation panel: Library and My Computer, which provides easy access to locating your wanted video files.

For one thing, you can load the local videos to the Library in the left navigation panel, and tab ‘Videos’ button, there will pop up all video files on the right display window.

For another, you can search your desired video from ‘My Computer’, similar to locating video file from PC desktop or HDD. Here just choose ‘Desktop’, ‘Downloads’ or ‘File Explorer’ to import the video. Moreover, you can find your video file by means of entering the exact video name on the search bar on the display window.

Apart from videos, the video player can identify and read disc file, like DVDs and Blu-rays, on premise that your PC is equipped with corresponding optical drive, with DVD or Blu-ray in it. The same goes for movies, collections and TV shows. If you want to load these media files, the built local media library will give its full play.

Load video file to the media library of DVDFab Player 6

Step 3: Customize the video parameters

Hit the ‘Settings’ from the inverted triangle icon in the upper right corner. Locate ‘Video’, ‘Audio’ and ‘Subtitle’ from the settings panel to make further adjustments as needed.

Note that if the video to be played contains external subtitles with SRT format (full name SubRip text, widely used and broadly compatible subtitle text file format), DVDFab Player 6 allows you to customize the size, position, style (bold or italic) and color of the external subtitles when necessary.

Set parameters of the video to be played

It is often the case that you may want to preview the video first, seeking the most wonderful fragments for the sake of saving time. To achieve your aim, just hover the mouse over over any part of the playback progress bar, a time-stamped thumbnail shall pop up. Alternatively, press the designed ‘Preview’ icon, like an eye, to locate the video clip you want to watch, or make tinny modifications to the time intervals or quantities of previewed video fragments.

Use smart preview feature of DVDFab Player 6

When it comes to playing DVDs or Blu-rays, this smart preview feature temporarily hides somewhere, but will come sooner or later. We shall see! Be patient!

What worth mentioning is that DVDFab Player 6 makes it possible for you to add videos to the playlist or remove unwanted ones from it. Meanwhile, you can sort the video files by name or by type, easily changing the file sequence as you wish. As shown in the following screenshot, there are lots of keys dedicated to specific functions. You can check them from ‘Hotkeys’ situated in the  ‘Settings’ panel.

Edit playlist of DVDFab Player 6

Step 4: Start to play the video

After customizing your wanted video, it is high time that you played the video with a totally different feeling. By the way, this video player can read and play videos with all popular formats. Just enjoy the video by being a couch-potato with a cup of popcorn in your hand!  

PART 2: Main Features of DVDFab Player

As a matter of fact, apart from the above-mentioned features, DVDFab Payer 6 highlights some outstanding features that can be well embodied when you play DVDs/Blu-rays/4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Now all key features can be summarized as follows for the benefit of your deep understanding of this full-featured software.

a. Organize and manage local media library by Poster Wall

b. Navigation menu on DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays

c. HDR 10 playback mode supports crystal clear image quality

d. Hi-Res audio output support, up to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

e. All-inclusive support on 4K UHD, HEVC and other media files

f. All-round 3D playback on all forms of 3D contents

g. Import DVD and Blu-ray discs to local media library as ISO files

h. PC/TV playback modes optimized for small and huge screens

i. Fast and precise review with adjustable thumbnails

j. Customized playlist with considerate flexible settings


You might have got the hang of how to play video with DVDFab Player 6, a powerful media player with powerful features that will continue to capture video fans. Above all, it shall give you a stunning visual experience. Other than video, it is advisable that you try to watch popular movies, TV shows, DVDs, (4K UHD) Blu-rays with this software. I believe it won’t let you down.