“I finally updated to the newest iOS 8.3. My iPhone 6 went into a forced recovery – I lost everything. The only things I care about are two Note items which I kept track of many firsts between me and my wife - is there any way to get these notes back?”


Like the above iPhone 6 user, there are possibilities that certain data like Contacts, Notes or Messages get lost after updating the iOS version to the latest. The target of this tip is to address that issue. As an iOS data recovery software, DVDFab iFoneRestore can help you get the lost notes back from your iTunes backup files, provided that you have backed up your iPhone previously.


Check out the details below to see how to make that happen.


Recover the Lost Notes from iTunes Backup: Step 1 – Download, install and start up DVDFab iFoneRestore, click on the “Recover from iTunes Backup” tab, and then select the backup file from which you want to get your lost notes back onto your iPhone 6.


Recover the Lost Notes from iTunes Backup: Step 2 – Click on the icon of Notes.


Recover the Lost Notes from iTunes Backup: Step 3 – Browse through the notes extracted from the iTunes backup file and then selectively recover the ones you need badly to recover them onto your iPhone 6 directly, or recover onto your PC. Besides, you even can do some modifications before recovering.



There you are! For more information, feel free to visit www.dvdfab.cn/ifonerestore.htm