Reminders are actually the to-do list that people keep on their iPhones to remind them the important things to be done in the upcoming time. However, even they keep them in the Reminders, it’s still far from enough, because sometimes, reminders may get lost due to various reasons. When this happens, you need to find them back, and this is where and when you need an iOS data recovery software, which supports to retrieve the lost and deleted reminders selectively.


Go through the details below to see how DVDFab iFoneRestore can help you with that process.


Recover the Lost Reminders on iPhone 6 - Step 1: Download, install and start up DVDFab iFoneRestore, click on the “Recover from iOS Device” tab, and then connect your iPhone 6 to your computer.



Recover the Lost Reminders on iPhone 6 - Step 2: After clicking the Start button on the previous page, click on the icon of Reminders at this page to recover all the Reminder items on your iPhone 6, including the deleted or lost ones.



Recover the Lost Reminders on iPhone 6 - Step 3: Preview all the listed items and choose the ones you want to recover, or simply select all of them to recover. Additionally, you are able to modify the content before actually recovering them to your computer.



Note: For the time being, the lost or deleted Reminders can only be recovered to computer.



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