Apple’s iPhone is considered the logo of the smart phone era. Maybe that was a little bit of exaggeration, but there was some kind of truth lied in it. iPhone completely changed rewritten the history of phones, and at the same time drove other players like Samsung and the rests to catch up with similar products, that was partly why we have Android, and a plethora of Android phones. Suppose, if there were no iOS and iPhone, could there be Android and today’s Samsung?    

Thanks to Apple and then Google, we now have so many large screen phones to watch videos. Do you know you can watch Blu-rays on your iPhone 4S? Yes, with a Mac Blu-ray ripper software, you can do that easily. Now, this guide will walk you through the process of converting Blu-ray movies to play on iPhone 6 Plus, with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper for Mac.


Check out the instructions below to learn how to do that:


Rip Blu-ray for iPhone 6 Plus: Step 1 -> Download and install the latest DVDFab 9 onto your computer;


Rip Blu-ray for iPhone 6 Plus: Step 2 -> Launch DVDFab 9, choose Ripper option from Option Bar at the Main Interface, then load the Blu-ray you are about to convert;


Rip Blu-ray for iPhone 6 Plus: Step 3 -> Select the movie title, audio track and subtitle stream you want to keep at the Operation Window,  click “Profile Switcher” to find iPhone 4S from Profile Library and press "OK" button, then just hit  “Start” button at the Main Interface to go converting.


Note: there are several iPhone profiles in the built-in Profile Library, you just need choose the one that fits your iPod model.


Software you need: The latest build of DVDFab 9

Product you need order: Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

For more information, please refer to DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper for Mac page.