Summary: This article aims to demonstrate how to speed up YouTube videos with DVDFab Toolkit, for those who anticipate learning new skills or expanding knowledge via YouTube when the videos they are watching are extremely long or surpass an hour-long mark.

As is often the case that YouTube holds an enormous amount of information on various topics, a shortcut for those who was high on acquiring new skills by watching videos on YouTube. However, when the video you are watching is too long, you may tend to skip around from one section of the video to another, hoping to capture vital information with less time by speeding up these video clips.

This is a common practice for all video fans. Here comes an optimal solution to speed up YouTube videos with DVDFab Toolkit, a kind of professional but versatile software designed to satisfy the common needs of editing video, audio and image.

PART 1: How to Speed up YouTube Videos with DVDFab Toolkit

Despite the fact that YouTube has forbidden direct video download except for online view, there is always some way out to get your desired videos. In short, if you love downloading YouTube videos for view offline, you have come to the right place. Try out DVDFab Downloader, an omnipotent downloading expert, to download your loved videos from YouTube and then speed up the downloaded videos with DVDFab Toolkit. The Perfect combination of these tools brings you favorite YouTube videos without a hitch and further allows you to edit videos as much as you can.

Step 1: Run DVDFab Toolkit and choose Speed Up/Down’ module from ‘Video Tools’

Download, install and launch this program from official website with well-marked label ‘Free Download’ on the product page. Up to now, this software is only available for Windows OS. Upon installation, please feel free to launch the program. Next locate ‘Speed Up/Down’ that stands next to ‘Trim’.

Speed up youtube videos with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 2: Load the source media file (audio/video)

When it comes to loading source video, you can directly hit ‘+’ button on the center of the interface to import the video file. Alternatively, quickly drag and drop the video onto ‘+’ area. You can add more than one video at one go.

Load downloaded file

Step 3: Adjust video speed

The slider standing parallel to the playback timeline is intended for adjusting video speed. If you mean to speed up the video, hover your mouse over the speed slider to change the video speed, from left to right, to get your desired fast speed, or directly change the speed value as needed in the box along side the slider, say 1.0x, 2.0x, 2.8x... Compared with similar product, this software has flexible custom setting in speed value according to user demand, not limited to 0.5x, 1.0x, 1.5x...Mind that you can adjust the speed as you want while watching the video so that you will not miss any important information.

Speed up youtube videos by changing speed slider of DVDFab Toolkit

Take this workout video as an example, if you want to skip some easy actions and verbose interpretations, just speed up the video to capture more meaningful details within a few speed slides.

Step 4: Set file directory and hit ‘Start’ button

Subsequently, set the file directory to save the video changed in playback speed. Once done, press the ‘Start’ button to get the resulting video. You are allowed to see the real-time progress on the timeline, including detailed information on encoding, time elapsed and remaining. Then be free to enjoy the sped up video at your own convenience.

PART 2: How to Speed up YouTube Videos on PC

When you are streaming YouTube videos online, you probably skip the video to get vital details by moving your mouse click on the playback timeline. As a matter of fact, there shall be other way out to achieve the same goal. The following guideline tells you how to speed up YouTube videos directly via playback speed setting, a long standing feature aimed at adjusting video playback speed. This is applicable to those occasions when you are seeking to absorb educational content or learn new skills through this platform.

Step 1: Search YouTube online and go to the video you want to watch

Step 2: Tab ‘Gear Icon’ for playback speed setting

There appears a gear icon beneath the playback timeline upon your click on the video for view. Hit the icon, and you will see a pop-up window, ‘Playback speed-Normal’ coming into sight. Normal means speed by default.


Of course, you can select your desired playback speed according to the given numerical value. One thing worth mentioning is that the factors above ‘Normal’ is used to slow down the video playback speed, while those below ‘Normal’ is designed to accelerate the video speed.

Actually, if there is no satisfactory speed value on the given bar, you can press ‘Custom’ to set your wanted playback speed. You can speed up YouTube video by adjusting the playback speed to a factor as high as 1.35x the normal speed.   

The above solution is available for you speeding up YouTube videos online. Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with watching those videos on PC whenever you would like, you had better try the first solution to speed up the playback speed, since there might be times when your network connection is poor beyond your expectation.

PART 3: Appealing Features of DVDFab Toolkit

Aside from speeding up YouTube videos, DVDFab Toolkit boasts other striking features that worth your trial, which are closely linked to editing video, audio and image. This is also the reason why it has become a great favor to video fans and music lovers since its release, completely superior to other homogeneous products.

Video Tools: capable of converting videos between various formats, trimming unwanted video clips, cropping undesired sections, adjusting playback speed of videos, flipping videos horizontally or vertically, rotating videos clockwise or counter clockwise, sharpening or unsharpening the video screen, stabilizing shaking videos, and converting interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools: able to convert audios between popular formats, trim unwanted audio clips, adjust audio volume, and reduce redundant noises from audios.

Image Tools: used to make GIF images from videos and take pictures from videos based on specified frame or time intervals.

The above-mentioned features have wide application as an efficient approach to video/audio editing and image converting. Hence, to speed YouTube videos with this software is far more cost-effective and rewarding.


With this detailed tutorial, you might have gained a better understanding of how to speed up YouTube videos when you are trying to acquiring more useful information on how-to guides within a short time. This is a much more practicable method to avoid wasting time on inessential video content, since we are in an era of fragmented reading. As mentioned above, you can test other features except for ‘Speed up/down’, which will bring you much more stunning experience.