After a 2D to side-by-side 3D conversion task is successfully finished by DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter, you'll have the output SBS 3D video(s) on the hard drive of your computer. Then you may wonder how you can enjoy the video(s) with 3D effect; what kinds of display devices, 3D glasses, and software player you will need. Next is a detailed explanation on that.

Enjoy 3D video on computer:

You can directly view the output 3D video on your computer with some compatible software player, such as NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player or Stereoscopic Player. If your computer has 2D display, you should use Stereoscopic Player and choose the viewing method as anaglyph method in the players, and you will need a pair of anaglyph glasses like red blue/cyan/green, etc according to the anyglyph mode you choose. If you have a professional 3D display (120hz refresh rate monitor or above), then you're advised to use professional 3D glasses for a real 3D experience using NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player or choosing "NVIDIA 3D Vision" viewing method in Stereoscopic Player.



Enjoy 3D video on 3D TV:

If you have a compatible 3D TV on which you can view 3D videos, then you can transfer the output 3D videos from your computer onto your 3D TV. And you will always have a pair or a couple of pairs of compatible 3D TV glasses along with the 3D TV. Before enjoying 3D videos, don't forget to press the 3D button on the remote to enable 3D viewing.

Things you need to pay attention to:

According to the requirements of various 3D display devices, when you use 2D to 3D Converter to create 3D videos, please pay attention to the 3D format (left/right or top/bottom) and output type (1 file or 2 separate files).

The ways you can use to transfer 3D videos to display devices are various. You can use a flash drive, a portable hard drive, copy 3D video into a disc, and so on. Just choose the one that suits your specific playback equipment.

Note: In this tip, there are some pictures we use to help you understand the whole content. This doesn't mean that the glasses or TV showed in these pictures are the only qualified ones or are better than others in quality for viewing 3D vidoes.