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Each ISO file made by DVDFab 10 copy modules, when transferred to the Movie Server, is accompanied by its distinctive .meta file, which is why the Movie Server, with the Poster Wall feature, can show all the detailed information on the poster. However, if you transfer your old media files onto the Movie Server, there might be no poster information, or the metadata information on the poster might be inaccurate. When this happens, DVDFab offers another way for you to manually correct the metadata on your PC.


Step 1 > Open your internet browser, enter https://dms.dvdfab.cn, and then press the Enter button on the keyboard to enter the Cloud Manager webpage;



Note: this page can also be accessed via the DVDFab client, at the Save to section. Click the Manager button behind the DVDFab Movie Server from the drop-down list.



Step 2 > Hover the mouse pointer over the movie whose metadata needs to be corrected, you will see a three-dot icon show up at the bottom right corner of the poster, click on that icon;



Step 3 > At the popup menu, click on the Match button;



Step 4 > Enter the correct media title, year, and language, and then click on the Search button;



Step 5 > Click on the wanted one from the search results to finish applying the new metadata.