If you want to convert or burn your favorite MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, M2TS or any other types of videos to Blu-rays then you’ll definitely find this article helpful. Blu-rays are meant for Full-HD entertainment. So, if your MP4 or MKV videos are of Full-HD resolution then creating a Blu-ray from these is recommended. However, it is not compulsory that you always have Full-HD videos. This article not only teaches to burn videos to Blu-rays, but also teaches to create BD ISOs and folders. The BD ISOs and folders can be treated as a primary backup for your precious videos. For burning or converting video formats to Blu-rays you will need DVDFab Blu-ray Creator.

Part 1: DVDFab Blu-ray Creator: Intro and Download Links

With DVDFab Blu-ray creator you can create Blu-rays from multiple video formats. DVDFab Blu-ray Creator takes multiple videos in different formats and creates a Blu-ray disc from these videos. These videos can be in any format like MP4, MKV, M2TS, MOV, FLV or any other known video format. You can even convert or burn your own camcorder’s videos to Blu-ray format using DVDFab Blu-ray Creator.

Apart from creating or burning physical Blu-ray discs the software also gives you the freedom of creating Blu-ray ISOs or folders that you can burn later to physical discs on-demand. You can also design or customize menus for your BDs before actually burning them. To use DVDFab Blu-ray creator you should first download and install DVDFab 12. Check the download links below.

DVDFab 12 Online Installer File for Mac and Windows – Go Here

DVDFab 12 Offline Installer for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) – Download Here

In case of offline installer, first go to the link and scroll down a little bit to find the offline installer file for Windows operating systems. DVDFab has many attracting high-tech products featuring downloader to download Blu-ray movies free and fast from 1000+ websites. 

DVDFab 12

Part 2: Step-by-Step Tutorial to Convert and Burn MP4, MKV, AVI, and Other Video Formats to Blu-rays

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to convert, burn MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV or any other video format to Blu-ray discs, ISOs, or even folders.

Start with opening the DVDFab 12 program with a double click.

Select and click the ‘Creator’ option in the main interface. Then click the ‘Creator Mode’ selector button and choose ‘Blu-ray Creator’.

Convert flv to blu-ray

Click the big ‘Plus’ button or ‘+Add From Local’ to add videos having different formats.

After loading the video(s) the main interface will look like this below.

Burn MP4 to blu-ray

Click ‘Advanced Settings’ to customize settings like changing the ‘Volume Label’, selecting ‘Output’ disc type (BD5 ,BD9, BD25, BD50), and selecting ‘Video Quality’.  For the best video quality select “Same as Source”. But if the source is very large and you do not have proper disc to hold it, you can choose the “Fit to Disc” to keep the best quality.

Convert MP4 to blu-ray

You have the options to select ‘Audio Languages’ and ‘Subtitles’ if the videos that you loaded has multiple audio streams and subtitles. See the image below.

Convert AVI to blu-ray

Now click the ‘Menu Designer’ or ‘Set Menu’ button to create a Blu-ray menu.

Simply click the template in the right panel to begin with. Click the ‘Download More’ button to download more Blu-ray menu templates.

Burn MKV to blu-ray

Use the ‘Tool Set’ to customize the background, add texts, edit texts etc.

Click ‘OK’ once you finish designing the menu for your Blu-ray.

Now start burning your MP4, MKV, AVI videos to Blu-ray in this final step. You have three options to create a Blu-ray.

Part 2.1: Three Flexible Ways to Burn Videos (MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, M2TS) to Blu-rays In DVDFab 12

  • Firstly you can directly burn a blank Blu-ray disc. For this to happen, click ‘Save to’ field and select your Blu-ray burning optical drive. Select the number of ‘Copies’ if you want to burn more than one Blu-ray disc for the current project. Then click ‘Start’ button, you will be prompted to insert a blank Blu-ray disc. After inserting the disc let the program burn it.

Convert flv to blu-ray

  • Secondly, you can save your Blu-ray project as an ISO if you don’t have a blank Blu-ray disc. You can burn this ISO to a blank BD whenever you want. Simply click the ‘ISO’ button and then select the output location. Click the ‘Start’ button to start the process of creating a Blu-ray ISO from your MP4, MKV, AVI or other video formats. See the image above.
  • Lastly you can save your Blu-ray project as a Blu-ray folder. Simply click the ‘Folder’ icon and choose the output location. Then click the ‘Start’ button to create a Blu-ray folder.

If you have burned a blank Blu-ray disc then you can now watch it on your Blu-ray player.

Part 2.2: Reason for Creating a Blu-ray ISO or a Folder from Your Videos Along With Burning Physical BDs

If you think that your videos are precious enough to be preserved for a long time then you can also consider saving them as a Blu-ray ISO or a folder. A Blu-ray ISO is an exact image of physical Blu-ray disc that you can save on your computer’s hard drive. Similarly Blu-ray folder is an exact copy of Blu-ray movie data. So, apart from creating and burning Blu-ray discs you can also save your precious videos in Blu-ray ISO or folder format and that too in high definition. This ISO serves the purpose of a secondary backup.

Suppose if the Blu-ray disc that you burned got scratched and is not getting read then in that case you don’t need to re-spend the time on the same process of burning your MP4, MKV, AVI videos to physical BD disc. This is because you have the ISO file of the Blu-ray that you created earlier. The only thing that you need to do is to burn this ISO to another blank Blu-ray disc. That’s why it’s highly recommended to create Blu-ray ISOs along with disc. You should be thankful to DVDFab Blu-ray Creator for such features.

Part 3: Why to Choose DVDFab Blu-ray Creator

With every software, a question arises which is “why should you choose it over other software”. This is a bit tricky question because it can’t be directly answered by just looking at software’s box arts. But in case of DVDFab Blu-ray Creator we have some concrete reasons for choosing it to burn MP4, MKV, AVI, M2TS or other video formats to Blu-rays.

As it is cleared from the article above how flexible is DVDFab Blu-ray Creator. You can burn any type of video file whether it belongs to your camcorder’s storage, or they are stored on computer’s hard-drive, or they are just a collection of your favorite movies. DVDFab Blu-ray Creator has the power to convert all these types of videos having any format to Blu-ray discs, ISOs or folders.

Creating Blu-ray discs, ISOs, or folders is not an easy task. It requires serious CPU cycles which. But don’t worry DVDFab has got you covered. With its powerful hardware acceleration technologies it will ease the process of Blu-ray burning. You will enjoy faster Blu-ray burning rates than any other software on the web which doesn’t support these technologies. In short DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is the only best software for burning your favorite MP4, MKV, FLV, or any other video formats to Blu-ray discs, ISOs, or folders.


Without investing much time you just have learned to burn your favorite videos to Blu-ray discs, ISOs or folders. DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is pretty easy to use and doesn’t have any confusing options. It provides a simple approach to convert and burn any video format to Blu-rays. After using this software several times you may not feel like switching to other Blu-ray creator software. The DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is a perfect example of a BD creator and a burner software. It has all the important features that a BD burner and creator software should have. Now would you like to give it a shot? Go ahead, download the software, and start converting your MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI or other types of videos to Blu-rays.