There are many questions on where to find an outstanding Blu-ray media player posted on popular websites. Out of different needs, someone wants a media to play Blu-ray discs (BD), someone expects a media player to play Blu-ray Folder, others may ask a media player to play Blu-ray ISO files. Now, no matter what your need is, DVDFab Player 6 is going to meet your demands with powerful file-reading ability and fast playback speed. How about making a friend with this exceptional media player?

Download and Install DVDFab Player 6

Follow the link added to outstanding BD media player, or go the official website of DVDFab Player 6, to start you free download trip. After three clicks, you will meet with this versatile Blu-ray media player.

Then, choose your playback mode between PC Mode and TV Mode. PC Mode plays back Blu-ray files on a computer screen, while TV Mode presents Blu-ray files on a TV screen. The latter mode is also compatible with the remote controls for Windows Media Center.

Subsequently, I will introduce the use of DVDFab Player 6 based on the PC Mode.

What Blu-ray File to Play

If you are going to play a Blu-ray disc, just insert it into your PC. Then DVDFab Player 6, the best BD media player, will recognize the Blu-ray disc automatically. What you need to do next is to follow the notices popping out to play back your Blu-ray disc. If you are going to play back a Blu-ray folder or ISO file, you need to add your Blu-ray files to this bu-ray media player. Follow the notice as well to Add New Directory, or click the “Little Triangle” on the top right corner, and “Settings” >”Library” to add your Blu folder or ISO files to this media player.

After that, clicking any option on the left under “Library” will help you find your Blu-ray folder or ISO files. Instead, you can use the options under “My Computer” on the left to locate your Blu-ray videos. Alternatively, you can also use the “Search Bar” on the top to search your movie, if you remember its name.

Blu-ray Disc Playback Privilege

In terms of Blu-ray Disc, DVDFab Player 6 offers some privilege featuring navigation menu. Before playing your Blu-ray disc, click the “Little Triangle” on the right top corner. Then, click “Settings” > “Playback” to choose the “Menu Mode” playback mode. On the same interface, you can also set the menu language, audio language and subtitle language.

Then, let’s learn about what Menu Mode playback is. To gain an experience of menu mode playback experience, your source file is only limited to DVD and Blu-ray discs. Then when the Blu-ray movie begins, you may be asked to choose your preferred language with several languages listed on the screen. Afterwards, continue to choose how you want the Blu-ray film to play. Directly play it by tapping the “Play” button using the arrows and “Enter” key on your keyboard. During the process, you will have a close interaction with the outstanding BD media player as a master.


It is wise of you to bring your Blu-ray discs, folders and ISO files to ask for DVDFab Player 6, the best media player for help. Besides providing fluid and rapid playback speed, this free software gives navigational menu to your Blu-ray files, making your movie-watching experience fantastic. For more information about its use, continue to click the “Little Triangle” > Settings, or right-click the video interface. More surprises wait for you in the article of DVDFab Player 6 Plays Everything.