H.265 or you may address it as HEVC, is the hope of the next generation of the video encoding method. It is designed to phase out the somewhat dated H.264 method, aka Advanced Video Encoding used on Blu-rays. So in the days to come, you may face the problem of playing back those H.265 encoded videos on your PC. In fact, to playback those videos, you just need the right video player. Even though the market has been flooded with video players claiming to play H.265, DVDFab Player 6 is the best and most reliable one you can count on.

Let’s dip into the details to see how DVDFab Player 6 deals with H.265 videos.

There are so many reasons that making this expert H.265 video player stand out among so many players. Some remarkable features are listed here.

1. Two viewing modes are offered

Some people prefer watching videos on a small screen while others prone to enjoy a larger screen. Because of this, this powerful media player offers “PC Mode” and “TV Mode”.

2. Manage your videos by poster wall

Considering you may have difficulty in finding your desired video among tons of local videos, DVDFab Player allows you to manage your local media library by adding a new directory. All your added videos will be presented by posters from which you can easily tell the video you need.

3. Highly customizable

You enjoy complete freedom to customize this online media player, even your videos, by clicking an inverted triangle located on the right-upper corner of the main interface. There are so many options prepared for you on the “Settings” panel, such as “General”, “Video”, and “Audio”, etc.

4. Support almost all media formats

As a professional media player, DVDFab Player 6 supports to playback all the media formats, including but not limited to MP4, MKV, MOV… regardless of the codecs such as H.265, WMV, etc.

5. Use thumbnail to locate your desired scene

Do you want to jump to a certain scene directly rather than watching the whole video? No problem. DVDFab Player 6 supports you to do that by using thumbnails.

Still not clear how to play H.265 videos with this player after reading so much? Don’t worry. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Player 6 on your PC

This expert player is compatible with the Windows system. For your convenience, we prepare its downloading button below.

                                               i  Free Download  

Step 2: Launch up this software

Double-click the desktop shortcut to start up the software after a successful installation. Then, you can see that there are PC Mode and TV Mode presented as we have mentioned earlier. Here we will take PC mode as an example. If you are also curious about how to playback H.265 videos with this player under TV mode, you are free to click here.

DVDFab player 6

Step 3: Play your target H.265 video

As you have entered into the PC mode, you can notice that the interface is divided into three sections: Library section, My Computer section, and playback section.

Speaking of the Library section, you can see that except the Discs tab, you can add a new movies/collections/TV shows/videos directory so that you can browse and find your target video by posters. Don’t worry. It is easy to do. Click “Add Now”, popped up a new panel from which click “Add New Directory”. Once you have done, please do not forget to refresh your interface. Then, choose your target H.265 video presented by the poster.

Play H.265 videos

As for the “My Computer” section, it offers a more direct way for you to find your video whether saved on your desktop or a certain file or somewhere else.

Step 4: Customize your video during the playing if needed

While the video is playing, you can do a lot of things to it. For example, press down “S” on your keyboard to take a snapshot if you come into a frame you really want to save or share with your friends. Also, right click your mouse you will see a bunch of options, such as “Video”, “Audio”, “Playback”, and others. In terms of the “Video” tab, for example, you choose to adjust the video color or rotate your video, etc.

How to play H.265 videos?


Good video players shall optimize your viewing experience. DVDFab Player 6 is the best H.265 video player, which seeks any chance to meet your needs in videos playing. Compared with others, it features more functions and also easy-to-use. If you happen to need one, please put DVDFab Player 6 into consideration. It won’t let you down.