DVDFab Video Converter is an excellent PSP video converter that converts a video into the video playable on PSP. If you want to view videos incompatible on your PSP, just try out DVDFab Video Converter for free. Now please take a look at the following tutorial about how to do the conversion.


Step 1: Open DVDFab Video Converter and load in the video source

Start up DVDFab 9, and choose Video option to open Video Converter. Then load in the video source by dragging and dropping it into DVDFab.


Step 2: Choose a profile

Open Profile box to go to Device, then go to Sony to choose your favorite profile for PSP.


Step 3: Set video parameters

Click Advanced Settings button to set video parameters and audio parameters.


Then click Edit button on the main interface to set Video Effect by resizing the source aspect ratio and frame resolution of the video, or cropping the image for display.


Step 4: Start conversion

Hit Start button on the main interface to start conversion if all settings are OK. During the process, all detailed progress info can be monitored and you can preview the progress with real time images.


OK. Done. More info about DVDFab Video Converter can be found at: https://www.dvdfab.cn/video-converter.htm