Many iOS users have encountered this situation: after upgrading the current iOS to the newest iOS for pursuing better video experience, the photos and videos witness many memorial moments stored in camera roll unscheduled to backup lost. If you have uploaded them to iCloud, you can get them back with iCloud even if iTunes backup is unavailable. But if not, how would you do? Is it still possible to recover the lost camera roll?

Of course, yes. What you need to do is just turn to a thrid-party iOS data recovery software, a third-party iOS data recovery software with the ability to recover the lost cameral roll directly from your iOS device even after iOS upgrade, and actually, that's what DVDFab iFoneRestore does.

Can't waiting for the how-to guide? Move on for more.


Step 1: Install and activate DVDFab iFoneRestore

Download one DVDFab iFoneRestore either from the product page or the download page, then install it per the instructions. Following, call it up and input the registration code you received after purchase to activate it.


Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your PC, and opt for Photos

Connect your iOS device to your PC. After that, choose Recover from iOS Device (usually is selected by default), and move down to hit the Start button.


Seconds later, all kinds of data on your iOS device are scanned out. Click the icon of Photos to bring out the related operation window.


Step 3: Select what you want to restore, and set the output location

Soon later, all your photos both exit and lost are scanned and displayed. You can check all or just select the ones you need. Then go to the bottom right corner to click the Recover to PC button, and browse for choosing the output path to store the recovered photos temporarily at the popping up Settings window.


Step 4: Go and start the camera roll recovery

Click on the Recover button on the Setting window to start the camera roll recovery. DVDFab will immediately execute the task once you make a mouse click to trigger the button, and finish it with blink of an eye.


Now, transfer the recovered photos to your iOS device, the whole recovery task is completed by then. For more information, please visit: