Smart phones bring much convenience in our life compared with phones with traditional keypad, they are more intelligent, faster and considerate. But on the contrary, careless deletions happen all the time, and data loss in this way. Safari bookmarks are essential for any iOS devices browser users, and if you loss them, there may be a period of time to clutter them again, what's worse, sometimes you don't even remember the link addresses.

It is common knowledge that if you have created iTunes backup plans or uploaded your data to your iCloud, then you can get the lost Safari bookmark back with your iTunes or iCloud. But problem comes that many users aren't used to use iTunes or iCloud, so what should you do in this situation? Let me tell you, a third-party iOS data recovery software will help out. DVDFab iFoneRestore, as a professional and practical iOS device recovery solution, can help you restore your Safari bookmarks directly from your iOS device.

Following is the how-to guide.


Note: Successful installation and activation of DVDFab iFoneRestore shall come first.


Step 1: Get DVDFab iFoneRestore started up, and connect your iOS device to your PC

Start DVDFab iFoneRestore up, and then connect you iOS device to your PC. Next, opt for Recover from iOS Device (usually is selected by default) on the upper part of the main window, and click the Start button.


Step 2: Choose Safari Bookmark, and set the output location

Among all sorts of data of your iOS device scanned and displayed by DVDFab, choose Safari to enter into the related operation window.


Check all or the specific items you need to restore, and go to the bottom right corner of the interface to click Recover to PC. Then click the Browse button to set the output location for storing the recovered safari bookmarks temporarily on the popping up Settings window.



Step 3: Start recovering the Safari bookmarks

Click on the Recover button, then DVDFab iFoneRestore will immediately start to recover the safari bookmarks you selected. The whole process will be finished very quickly.


Now, transfer the recovered safari bookmarks to your iOS device connected to your PC, and the whole safari bookmark recovery task is completed by then.

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