Summary: This article aims to recommend a simple way concerning how to remove background noise from video with DVDFab Toolkit, a versatile but professional tool designed to cope with issues related to video, audio and image.

Do you love shooting videos with GoPro camera? If so, there might be occasions when your shot videos contain consistent hum or hiss in the background audio tracks, such as aircraft noise, passenger laughter and train whistle. Thus, to remove background noise from video can be a real pain point since recording videos without any redundant noise can be impossible especially when you are in noisy circumstances. Isn’t there any way out?

Of course not! What you need is a reliable video noise remover. Only in this way can you remove noise from video as hoped. To better make you master how to remove background noise from video more easily and efficiently, here comes a mighty helper, DVDFab Toolkit, dedicated to troubleshooting the problem beyond you expectation.

PART 1: How to Remove Background Noise from Video with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 1: Run DVDFab Toolkit and opt for ‘Denoise (GoPro)’ module

Download, install and launch this program with prominent ‘Free Download’ on the product page.  Currently, this toolbox is only available for Windows OS. After installation, choose direct experience to locate ‘Denoise’ from ‘Audio Tools’.

Download DVDFab Toolkit to remove backfground noise from video

Step 2: Import shot video that needs to be denoised

Directly hit ‘+’ button on the center of the operating window to load the video file. Alternatively, simply drag and drop the video onto ‘+’ area. Remember that you can add more than one video at one go.

Add video file to the video noise remover

Step 3: Remove background noise from video

The two sliders standing parallel to the playback timeline are designed to remove noise from video by changing the value of low-pass filter and high-pass one. As is often the case that every audio clip has its certain range of low-pass and high-pass filters that are acceptable to people. Here, the default value for this program is 500 to 2000, respectively set for the low-pass and high-pass filters.

Set value rane to remove noise from video

Note that if you take the above default value as the critical point to remove background noise of video that you have shot, it is likely to unexpectedly miss out your wanted audio clips. In this case, you need to change the set value by trial and error, say 200-3000, so as to gain your desired clean audio. Anyway, you can test the optimal value for low-pass and high-pass while you are watching video via the preview window.

Step 4: Set file directory and hit ‘Start’ button

Set the file directory to save the output video. Once done, press ‘Start’ button to wait for the resulting file whose background noise has been removed. Then just enjoy your playback after removing the unwanted background noise. Apparently, this video noise remover is easy-to-use and flexible to remove noise from video, which can be accepted for any tech green hand.

PART 2: Remove Background Noise from Video with iMovie for Mac OS

As we know, iMovie, as a video editing software application developed by Apple Inc, is noted for its powerful features that can be used to edit video and audio, for example, to remove background noise from video. The following tutorial gives a clear clue to removing noise from video in the perspective of Mac users.

You can remove background noise in a certain clip chosen on the timeline. For example, you are recording a baby dance when a plane flew overhead. You may feel bored to remove the aircraft noise to gain a clean dance show.

Step 1: select video clip with background audio

Step 2: click ‘Noise Reduction’ button

Step 3: Tick ‘Reduce background noise’

Step 4: Adjust the slider value

Drag the slider left to decrease the percentage of amount of background noise reduction, and right to increase it. Nevertheless, the specific value is largely depended on your constant trial for the most suitable audio effect. Accordingly, 0% indicates no background noise reduction, while 100% means maximum noise reduction.

PART 3: Outstanding Features of DVDFab Toolkit

For Mac OS user, you might tend to choose the second option to remove background noise from video. But for Windows user, you are strongly recommended to try out the first one, since you will be shocked by its extra functions in case of gaining expected video, audio or image.

Video Tools: able to convert videos between various formats, trim unwanted video clips, crop undesired sections, adjust playback speed of videos, flip videos horizontally or vertically, rotate videos clockwise or counter clockwise, sharpen or unsharpen video screen, stabilize shaking videos, and convert interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools: can convert audio between mainstream formats, trim unnecessary audio clips, adjust audio volume, reduce background noises from audio clips, extend a constant amount of gain to an audio recording to drive the amplitude to a target level: peak normalization and loudness normalization.

Image Tools: capable of gaining GIF images from videos and taking pictures from videos according to specified frame or time intervals.


With the help of this detailed tutorial, you might have got the hang of how to remove background noise from video with DVDFab Toolkit, a master toolbox devoted to providing you with desired video, audio and image. Hence, this software is a must when you anticipate removing noise from video, especially from your shot videos with GoPro camera or other devices.

Of course, to gain a better user experience, please feel free and act now to try the remaining features of this powerful tool. Once you want to convert mp3 to m4a, or merely hope to figure out how to flip a video, you can resort corresponding tips to gain your wanted information. I bet this tool will not let you down.