Many people are used to delete the call history on iPhone in order to protect their privacy from being leaked or just for releasing the storage space. But what if you find that the important incoming calls or outgoing calls you deleted haven't been saved as contacts? Espacieally when you haven't created any iTune backups or iCloud backups about the call history, you know, sometimes, it's hard to find them back.

However, even so, you don't need to be panic. DVDFab iFoneRestore, a powerful and versatile iPhone restore solution will give you a hand to solve this problem and get your deleted call history back with none of the headaches.

Following, let's dive into the details about how to retrieve your call history on iPhone with DVDFab iFoneRestore.


Step 1: Run DVDFab iFoneRestore, and connect your iPhone to your PC

Run DVDFab iFoneRestore you've installed and activated, and then connect your iPhone to your PC. Next, move to the upper part of the main window, and opt for Recover from iOS iDevice (usually it is selected as default), to scan the data on your iPhone.


Step 2: Select Call History, and select the items you want to restore

Click on Call History among all the scanned data by DVDFab on the popped up iFoneRestore window, after few seconds of scanning and analysis, all your call history including the exit and deleted items with the accurate communication date and duration are displayed. You can choose to restore all or just select the specific ones you can recognize you need.



Then, move down, and click the Recover to PC button to define the output location for temporarily storing recovered call history.


Step 3: Start recovering the call history

Now, click the Recover button on the Settings dialog box, then the call history recovering task is executed immediately and finished just seems in a second.


Transfer the recovered call history from the output location to your iPhone, and the call history restoring is completely finished, which only requires you three steps and few mouse clicks, really simple, right?

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