Messages on your mobile phone are momentous for your life as they may contain very important information like meeting places and dates, have witnessed the warm and happy words of your relationship. If you carelessly deleted or lost some important messages containing business or date information, it can be a big disaster.

Retrieving message on iPhone can be hard, but it's not impossible. If you have made iTunes Backup or uploaded your message to your iCloud, then DVDFab iFoneRestore will help you find you lost message back. And if not, it's OK, DVDFab iFoneRestore, the powerful iPhone data recovery software is also capable of restoring your lost messages from your iPhone directly efficiently and effortlessly.

Following, let's begin with the task about retrieving the lost message of iPhone with DVDFab iFoneRestore.


Before taking any operations, the installation and activation of DVDFab shall come first.


Retrieve the Lost Message of iPhone, Step1->:Run DVDFab iFoneRestore, and connect your iPhone to your PC.


Retrieve the Lost Message of iPhone, Step 2->: DVDFab provides you three methods to retrieve your iPhone messages, you can retrieve directly from iOS devices, your iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup. Retrieving the lost message of iPhone is much easier, then opt for it, and move down to click the Start button.


Retrieve the Lost Message of iPhone, Step 3->: Among all the data of your iPhone scanned by DVDFab, click the icon of Message. Then DVDFab iFoneRestore will scan your contacts and analyze the messages, and then all the messages both exit and lost will be displayed. Preview the messages and then select the items you want to restore by ticking the related checkboxes.



Retrieve the Lost Message of iPhone, Step 4->: Click on the Recover to PC button, and set the output path for storing the recovered messages. After that, hit the Recover button, then the phone message restoring task will be immediately executed and finished like in blink of an eye.



After finishing recovering, just transfer the recovered messages to your PC. The whole process is finished by then.

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