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1.    Introduction
2.    Rip DVD with AI
3.    FAQs

1.    Introduction 

If you have ever browsed VideoHelp, a platform providing video solutions for its users, and searched solutions concerning how to enhance the DVD video quality like this question asked on Jan 2014: “Hi! I’ve converted family vhs old videos to DVD discs. Quality is good, on some of them less good. Now as technology improves all the time, is there any chance to improve even more quality of films recorded on discs…As DVD discs are counted as a originals now, is there any software what can handle it much better way than those I mentioned? Maybe any ripping DVD?

While this question is asked back in 2014 when there appears to be no good solution for it, a new solution merged to help users to enhance the video quality with the development of AI technology. If you have tried to reborn an old DVD or you miss those old-time spent with your family and friends but don’t know how to refresh those old memories recorded with DV, then read this article now, you would learn the most helpful answer would be through DVDFab Enlarger AI.

2. Rip DVD with AI

Since DVDFab Enlarger AI has been released as the world’s 1st solution to improve video quality with AI, it has already been tested with countless old DVDs and videos to ensure stable enhancement results. The solution is to rip DVD with AI-powered technology, which would help you to enhance the video quality from 480p to 1080p after its algorithms study the original video and enlarge its pixel by 300% to achieve Blu-ray standard. If you want to rip DVD to MKV/MP4, then next we are going to learn how to achieve the best video quality with this best AI DVD ripper.

Rip DVD with ai

How to Use Best AI DVD ripper to Enhance DVD Video Quality?

Step 1: Install DVDFab Enlarger AI

First, you need to install this best AI DVD ripper by clicking the following button, after successful installation, double click it to open this software. 

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Step 2: Choose the Ripper Mode

If you are going to rip DVD to MKV/MP4 which are the output video formats supported by DVDFab Enlarger AI for best DVD enhancement experience, then you should choose Ripper mode.

Choose the Ripper Mode

Step 3: Load the Source and Customize Settings

After selection of the right mode, you should load the source into this Best AI powered Program. Then under Ripper mode, you are able to customize the output video with the function of Advanced Settings as well as Video Edit, in a bid to rip DVD with AI while simultaneously improving the video quality significantly from 480p to 1080p.

Customize video with advanced settings

After you insert your DVD disc into the drive, load it into this AI DVD ripper, you can also go to Advanced Settings or Video Edit to customize the video, like cropping, trim, add subtitles, etc.

Step 4: Select Directory and Output the Video

After you’ve customized settings under Ripper mode, you are now able to choose a directory at the bottom of this AI DVD ripper, then click Start to kick off the conversion process, during which the image quality shall be significantly enhanced. 

Select directory and output the video

All right, that’s all necessary steps that you need to know about how to rip DVD with AI deep learning-based super-resolution technology. 

3.    FAQs

3.1    What Specific Technology is the AI DVD Ripper Based on?

Gone are the days that you can convert Blu ray to DVD, but cannot do it the other way. While with this AI DVD ripper DVDFab Enlarger AI, nowadays it is possible to do it! You might ask, what technology is it based on?

The Answer is “AI-powered super-resolution technology”. As AI is capable of deep learning through its algorithm, it would learn and detect the video image automatically in each frame with this AI-powered technology. Meanwhile, this AI DVD ripper would enlarge the image pixel by 300%, and then it would output the best image quality like from 480p to 1080p to help users make those old DVDs as lively as modern ones.

Rip dvd with dvdfab enlarger ai

3.2    What Else Can DVDFab Enlarger AI Do?

  •     Enhance DVD to Blu-ray Standard and Even More

Besides serving as a good AI DVD ripper, it can also be used as a DVD copy tool, which allows user to copy DVD to other discs or save the original DVD as a folder or ISO file while during this process significantly enhancing the video quality from DVD to Blu-ray and even better.

When you use its “Copy” mode, there are two output video quality available, one is Premium Quality, and the other is Ultra Quality. The difference between these two video qualities it that the later is even better than the former, which also means the conversion process shall take more time than the former one.

  •     Re-shine Old Video To Mainstream Video Formats

You might once take DV videos or other family videos of specific video formats, but only to find it might be outdated and its video quality are not as good as the current ones, then you can you improve that? No worries, if you would like to reborn your old videos to keep the memory safe, DVDFab Enlarger AI can help you to rip DVD to MKV/MP4, currently, two mainstream video formats as MP4 and MKV are supported for users to choose, nearly compatible with all mobile devices, PCs as well as video players. 

To learn more features of this software, watch this video:


As vividly depicted above, you certainly have now understood how to rip DVD with AI-powered new technology. With this world’s first AI DVD ripper, you are able to reborn the old DVD movies easily and professionally to make them shine as the new ones. 

Besides serving as an excellent AI DVD ripper, it can also work as a DVD to the Bly-ray copy tool to enhance the video quality of old DVDs significantly, offering users a chance to enjoy the old movie in a new way. Moreover, it can also deal with videos of various formats to make them look better and brighter with the support of AI deep learning-based super-resolution technology. To learn how to enhance

Well, that’s all about this topic. If you have further need to understand how to turn an old DVD into new Blu-ray, click to learn more information.