Let’s assume that you have slightly missed the focus while you are shooting, then as a result, your whole video will look so soft and blur. On this account, it is a good choice to make blurry videos clear. The unsharp mask effect is the perfect solution to it. Relax. You do not have to spend high money or have the professional skill to own this function or use it, on the contrary, you, a new person to video editing, only need to pay $44.9 to buy DVDFab Toolkit to achieve that. DVDFab Toolkit features with Sharpen/Unsharpen function and other easy-to-use functions to help people who only need to edit video occasionally and barely have knowledge about it, just like you.

If that is right, please go on reading and learn more about DVDFab Toolkit as well as how to fix blurry video. In case you are confused with “unsharp mask”, we would like to start from explaining this term to you.

Part one: What is the unsharp mask function?

The “unsharp” of the name derives from the fact that the technique uses a blurred, or “unsharp”, negative image to create a mask of the original image. The unsharp mask is then combined with a positive image, creating an image that is less blurry than the original. Therefore, the unsharp mask is basically a sharpening filter that adjusts the contrast of the edge detail and creates the illusion of a more focused image. However, it should be pointed out that sharpening an image with the unsharp mask is not the same thing as adjusting the focus. Sharpening is about making the in-focus areas of your image look sharper.

Part two: How to use the unsharp mask function?

1. Given that the unsharp mask is one of the modules of DVDFab Toolkit, you might need to download and install this software on your computer first to access it. Click this button below to own it. As a reminder, this software only can be installed at the Windows system so far.

2. Double click its desktop icon to launch this software. You can see its whole interface. Move your mouse cursor to choose the “Sharpen/Unsharpen” module.

Unsharp mask

3. Here comes the step to load your burred video you need to fix. To do that, you can click on the “+” button or you can choose to drag and drop your video files directly to the middle of the interface.

Fix blurry videos

4. Once your video is loaded in, you will go to a new interface where you can set some parameters individually, including Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension, Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension, Luma intensity, Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension, Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension, and Chroma Intensity. Yet, there are also some tips that you need to pay attention to.

First, the sum of the value of the Luma Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26.

Second, the sum of the value of Speed Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26.

Third, the value of the Luma/Speed Matrix Horizontal/Vertical Dimension must be an odd number.

5. The last thing you need to do before clicking “Start” is to choose a location to save your output video by clicking the folder icon on the bottom of the interface.

Make blurry videos clear

As we have mentioned earlier, DVDFab Toolkit is designed to offer basic video editing functions for the novice. If you know everything well about video editing and are looking for a complicated software to unsharp mask video, then maybe you can try to unsharp mask effect in Premiere Pro software.

Part three: What is Premiere Pro software?

Including a variety of tools and commands for improving the quality of a photographic image, Adobe Premiere Pro is a program with an extensive creative suite that allows a video editor to produce a finished film. Moreover, this software is often used by professionals in the film industry.

So how to fix a blurry video with Premiere Pro?

Similar to other software, you have to download this software on your computer first in order to access it. After that, we can move on and talk about how to fix a blurry video with Premiere Pro.

1. To begin with, you may need to make sure that you have selected the blurry video clip you want to fix. And then, you can search for the unsharp mask effect in the Effect panel of this software.

2. Now, you can load your video clip by dragging and dropping your video clip on to the footage layer.

3. Once you have done, you are allowed to use the Effects Controls panel.

Improve your footage quality

4. Then you come to the most crucial step to adjust three parameters, including Amount, Radius, and Threshold, which require professional knowledge.

For your better understanding, we will give you a short explanation of these three parameters.

The Amount parameter is used to control how much darker and how much lighter the edge borders become. It is also regarded as how much contrast is added at the edges. It does not affect the width of the edge rims.

The Radius parameter is used to control the distance from the edge at which pixels are adjusted for contrast. So the higher the number, the larger the space from the edge will be impacted.

The Threshold acts as a parameter to control the minimum brightness change that will be sharpened or how far apart adjacent tonal values have to be before the filter does anything.

5. In the end, as soon as you have set these three parameters, you will get a higher degree of video under the help of unsharp mask effect in Premiere Pro in a blink.


Missing focus happens a lot during your shooting time. That’s why you need to search for a tool to make blurry videos clear. You may have awarded that DVDFab Toolkit is an all-in-one tool for people who are new to video editing, offering all basic video editing functions at a reasonable price. Hence, it is the right tool for beginners and for people who only need to edit videos from now and then. Of course, if you are attracted by this software and want to have a full understanding of it, the review of the DVDFab Toolkit will be such a great help.

Yet, if you are a filmmaker and need a very professional tool, then maybe Premiere Pro is supposed to be your choice, though this software needs more money and more professional knowledge.