Summary: Want to convert YouTube to GIF for entertainment or marketing purposes? This article offers you a detailed tutorial on how to make a GIF from a YouTube video via a sort of professional but versatile software, DVDFab Toolkit, which can be used to deal with issues concerning the video, audio, and image.

In face of an ocean of videos on YouTube, you might have been so captured by some novel and stylish video clips that stimulate your enthusiasm for the collection of your desired emotion, reaction, or highlight by means of converting YouTube to GIF for the ultimate of sharing onto social media platforms. If my words hit the needle, it will be imperative to seek reliable software to turn YouTube videos into GIF. Do you have any tools in mind?

If not, you can try DVDFab Toolkit to achieve your goal since it kills three birds with one stone. Not only can you make GIF from YouTube video, but edit your video in other aspects such as format, direction, playback speed, and even trim its audio as well. The following guideline teaches you how to make a gif from YouTube video.

PART 1: How to Convert YouTube Video to GIF with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 1: Download your wanted video from YouTube

First, free download, and launch DVDFab Downloader, a free video downloader that allows you to download any video you like from 1000+ sites. Then, search your favorite video on YouTube by entering the video name or copying & pasting the video URL on the search bar. Finally, tab the Download to choose video, thus getting the video that you prepare to make GIF from.

Download youtube video to create GIF

Step 2: Run DVDFab Toolkit and opt for the Video to GIF module

Download, install and launch the YouTube to GIF converter from Free Download embedded on the product page, which is currently only available to Windows OS. Once installation, you can navigate to locate Video to GIF from Image Tools that stands next to Video to PIC.

Download DVDFab Toolkit to convert youtube video to gif

Step 3: Load the video downloaded from YouTube

Click the + button to import the video file you have downloaded from YouTube. Alternatively, directly drag and drop it onto the + section. Remember you are allowed to add more than one video at one go. It's a good boon to the gif make from YouTube tool.

Add source file to make gif from youtube video

Step 4: Edit YouTube video to be made into GIF

After loading the video file, you will see a screen where you can edit the GIF to be made from a YouTube video. Look at the parameters beneath the horizontal slider. Set the Start and End time to trim your wanted clip to convert any length of the video to GIF. Nevertheless, what worth your attention is that you’d better convert a clip that is less than 10 seconds in length. Otherwise, you will gain a GIF with a low resolution which will further affect the final visual effect, though GIF files do not contain any audio except for dynamic action.

Master how to make gif from youtube with DVDFab Toolkit

Then you have the free choice to set the playback speed of the GIF made from YouTube video. 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 4x are predefined for your option. Meanwhile, you can choose loop (refers to repeating the animation) type from the given pull-down menu, which has several predefined times for your reference. Of course, you can choose ‘Unlimited’ to make your created GIF more special.

Step 5: Hit the Start button to convert YouTube video to GIF

Set file directory to store the output GIF. Once done, press the Start button to wait for the converting process relating to how to make a GIF from a YouTube video. Once finished, locate the GIF created from YouTube and upload it to your favorite social media site.

Now you must have mastered how to make GIF from YouTube with this easy-to-use tool. Apparently, you can gain a one-stop solution to download YouTube videos and further turn YouTube videos into GIFs with high quality. In this way, you will be more likely to connect with your followers by sharing customized GIFs onto social media posts, delighting your friends, and attracting much more admirers.

PART 2: Other Tools to Convert YouTube Video to GIF

All roads lead to Rome. The same goes for converting YouTube Video to GIF. Apart from DVDFab Toolkit, you can resort to similar tools that can help you create GIFs from YouTube videos. The below software is for your reference.

1. Create a GIF with PhotoShop

Upon downloading a YouTube video with DVDFab Downloader, you can launch PhotoShop that can be used to string images together into a GIF or simply create a GIF from a video. Anyway, this tool is a little bit complicated for laymen. The YouTube video gif maker Photoshop has a learning curve.

2. Create a GIF with

This GIF maker is simple and direct to create by pasting the video URL on Giphy and trimming the clip to personalize output GIF. However, Giphy does not allow for ownership of the created GIF image. If you want a clean one, you have to subscribe to its paid version.

3. Create a GIF with

This is an online tool designed to make YouTube videos into gif, Vimeo, Instagram. However, does not provide key features for free. You shall subscribe to its premium version so as to remove the watermark from made GIF.

Thus, DVDFab Toolkit, to some extent, can be considered as the first choice when you want to make a GIF out of a YouTube video in terms of price and quality.

PART 3: Stunning Functions of DVDFab Toolkit

The moment you enter the main interface, you might be rocked by the all-round features of this tiny toolbox, because it can be used to cope with all issues with regard to video, audio, and image. Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs. This proverb is the best embodiment of this software whose functions fall into the following categories.

Video Tools
Convert videos between popular formats, trim video clips, crop the display section, adjust playback speed, flip videos horizontally or vertically, rotate videos clockwise or anticlockwise, sharpen or blur video, anti-shake video, and convert interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools
Convert audio between mainstream formats, trim audio, adjust volume, remove background noises from audio clips, and apply a constant amount of gain to an audio recording to bring the amplitude to a target level: peak normalization and loudness normalization.

Image Tools
Make GIF images from videos and take pictures from videos based on a specified frame or time intervals.


From this tutorial, you might have gained a deep understanding of how to make a GIF from YouTube video. To tell you the truth, converting YouTube videos to GIF is just the tip of the iceberg. That means there is still a long way to experience all features of this GIF maker. If you need to lower volume of your downloaded YouTube video or slow down video as hoped, please feel free to try out this versatile toolkit. With its inclusive usage, you won’t lose hope when you aim to deal with all common issues concerning the video, audio, and image with one program. What a cost-effective tool! Act now to enjoy yourself!