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Convert DVD to NDS


DVDFab DVD RipperNDS option supports to convert DVD titles to DPG file, which can be played on Nintendo DS.

It is a powerful while easy-to-use program with advanced editing functions, which allows to adjust audio format,

video effect, resize video file and customize some other settings. With just a few simple steps, you can convert

your DVD at fast speed and enjoy high quality movies on your Nintendo DS!

Here is a step-by-step guide for reference.



Step 1) Start up DVDFab -Go to DVD Ripper-NDS

Step 2) Load DVD

Insert your DVD movie to DVD drive, click on the folder icon to load it.

Next, choose the movie titles you want to convert (you can preview the highlighted title before conversion in the

lower left corner), check the audio/subpicture stream you prefer. In this example, we are converting

Title2/Title1/Title9. (See the illustration below)

Step 3) Set advanced settings

Step 3.1 Title Start/End settings

This settings panel allows to choose chapter range for conversion. Please set the start and end chapters for the

highlighted title you desired to convert.

Step 3.2 Open Queue

This makes it easier to convert a large batch of files using different output formats at once, which will definitely

save much of your time.

Copy: Create a new task for the same title yet output another format which can be selected with the drop down

profile selector.

Remove: Remove the task you selected. If a title is removed from the task queue, it will be deleted from

theTitle List (in the main window) as well.

Step 3.3 Conversion Settings

Please click on“Edit”button, open“Conversion Settings”window.You can adjust the output parameters like

output type, audio/video format, frame resolution/aspect ratio, and rename the output file, etc. For detailed explanation about this window, please check DVD Ripper Conversion Settings.

Step 3.4 Video Effect Settings

Here you can select the suitable aspect ratio, frame resolution and visually check the output effect in the lower right

area and the detailed parameters of source/output file in the left bottom corner.

If you don't want your converted video to be stretched and made taller, please don't change the Source Aspect Ratio

before converting.


Here you can cut off the black edges and unwanted area by easily draging the frame-mark on the video screen of

the source file, you also can type the number in the Top/Left/Right/Bottom box to crop accurately.

If you want to keep the aspect ratio of source screen, you need to check this option before croping. It allows to

preview the converted effect of output files before conversion in the bottom right-hand corner.

(See the illustration below)

Step 4) Start to convert
After accomplish all the settings, click Start. The conversion will do it work. You can track the conversion process

from the progress bar at the bottom of the interface.

If you have checked the option “Automatically shut down the pc when done”, the computer would

automatically shut down after conversion finished.

Step 5) Transfer file to Nintendo DS

To transfer converted DPG files from PC to your NDS, you should connect your R4 Revolution Micro SD memory

card into PC MicroSD connector and connect to your computer USB drive. Then plug the converted files to your

Nintendo DS library to play. That's it, enjoy!

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