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How to Play DVD Disc with DVDFab Media Player?

If you’ve a collection of DVD discs and want to just view them on your computer, then you’ll need a player software to help out. And DVDFab Media Player can easily do it with simple operation steps with one click or two. Next is a tutorial about how to use DVDFab Media Player to play DVD disc, please follow me to see how marvelous this media player is.


First, download DVDFab Media Player at and install it. The download and installation are extremely easy and intuitive.


After the installation, click its desktop icon to start it up. No time later you’ll see the main UI of the player.


On the top right corner is a “Settings” option with an icon like a gear, where you can do some pre-settings, if you like, to play control, video, audio, subtitles, etc.


And in the middle left part of the UI, you can see the “Open File” icon which is used to open video files backup on your hard drive. We’re not using this option in this tutorial.


Then how to access DVD movie with this software? It’s easy. Just insert the DVD disc into DVD optical drive of your computer or an external DVD drive if your computer doesn’t have one. And DVDFab Media Player will read it and load it in. When you see the DVD disc (drive) icon on the UI of this software, you should know that your DVD movie is loaded in successfully.


Now click this DVD icon to go to play it. During the playback, you can control play in some convenient manners.


For example, right click your mouse on the screen while the movie is being played, you can see a pop up control panel, where you can control the play, open another file or disc, or change settings to the audio or subtitles, etc.



If you hover mouse on the bottom of the screen, a play control bar will show. And another control bar will appear by hovering mouse on the top of the screen. In these manners, you can do the following controls: pause, stop, play, fast backward, fast forward, volume up, volume down, full screen, etc.



OK. That’s all about this tutorial. For more detail about DVDFab Media Player, just visit:

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