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Video Convert Comparison

Faster Speed, Sharper Image and Smaller Size

You want to watch DVD/Blu-ray movies on your mobile devices? Then you need to convert DVD/Blu-ray to specific videos. Speed, output size and quality are what you need to concern for such a conversion. Faster speed saves your time and will let you enjoy the output videos earlier; smaller file size means a lot, especially for mobile devices with limited storage space, such as iPad; and a sharper image is what everybody would like to see.

DVDFab converts DVDs/Blu-rays to videos extremely fast with high quality output. Much superiors than its peers on the market when it comes to conversion speed. And the output file size is also smaller. Even with the same output size, the video quality from DVDFab is higher than others. From the following comparison table about DVD/Blu-ray to iPad conversion, you can see this clearly. It shows that DVDFab is 2-4 times faster than other tested software, especially when getting advantage from GPU by enabling acceleration high-techs like CUDA and Intel Quick Sync. (Tested on the same PC with the same source and the same profile)
Please Note: The result and data in the following comparison table are all based on the source and machine used in the test. Different sources and hardware equipment may produce different conversion speed.

Product DVDFab CPU DVDFab IQS DVDFab CUDA Competitor
PC OS: Windows 8.1 x64
CPU: i7 3770 HD4000 with driver 3621
Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti with driver 335.23
Profile iPad
Output parameters 720x404
AAC/2 channel
AAC/2 channel
Converting from ISO 0:06:33 0:05:33 0:03:34 0:12:50
Converting from Disc 0:08:44 0:08:43 0:08:41 0:16:37
Output video size 1.32GB 1.32GB 1.32GB 1.65GB
Source info (DVD) Red2
Output parameters 720X300
AAC/2 channel
AAC/2 channel
Converting from ISO 0:04:49 0:04:02 0:03:06 0:10:20
Converting from Disc 0:08:22 0:08:22 0:08:21 0:17:11
Output video size 0.95 GB 0.95GB 0.95 GB 1.34 GB
Source info (BD) Movie name: MARVEL'S_THE_AVENGERS
Duration: 02:22:54
Audio: DTS-HD Master 7.1
Converting from ISO 0:24:50 0:10:52 0:09:26 0:34:37
Converting from Disc 0:28:29 0:22:14 0:22:11 1:22:56
Output video size 1.54 GB 1.54 GB 1.54 GB 2.67 GB

Please also note that in the above table, the amazing fast speed by "Converting from ISO" for both Blu-ray and DVD source has a pre-condition that the ISO file must be saved on a hard drive.

* How to set DVDFab to enable CUDA and Intel Quick Sync?
DVDFab DVD Ripper and Blu-ray Ripper both support CUDA and Intel Quick Sync so that the conversion speed is amazing fast if a user's computer is equipped to be capable of this.
If you have a NVIDIA enabled GPU or a 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor in your computer, you can enable NVIDA or Intel Quick Sync from "Common Settings" -> "A/V Codec" of DVDFab, and "Lightning-Shrink" should be enabled as well, just like what shown below.