Something You Need to Know about Best Way to Download YouTube Videos

Summary: Since video-sharing websites have gained its popularity day by day, video download becomes an essential requirement for users. DVDFab Video Downloader is the right tool for this and this article will show you how to use this best way to download YouTube videos.
Many people are surprised to find out that they are not always accessible to download videos from video-sharing websites freely. Perhaps you are one of them. What makes it even worse is you may need to pay for that. Now, in order to download videos free of charge, we humbly recommend you DVDFab Video Downloader. This easy way to download YouTube videos is well-accepted and regarded to be one of the best software.

1. Something You Need to Know Before You Choose a Best Way to Download YouTube Videos

How to judge which video downloader is more competent to download videos? You’d better start from the functions of the software you are going to choose. Have a quick look at the introductions of this safe way to download YouTube videos and judge whether the available functions can satisfy your demands.
If it is powerful enough, continue to learn about whether the video downloader is easy-to-use. Nobody wants to adopt a software which involves too many operations but is only used to address a small problem. In case you fall into a trap when selecting a video downloader, I sincerely recommend you a qualified video downloader - DVDFab Video Downloader, which has won high praise from its users.

2. Best Program Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader is such a tool that is designed to address different kinds of problems you have when downloading videos. After a couple of generations of improvement, this ways to download YouTube videos has now grown into a one-stop solution. if you have any trouble as to how to download videos, it may be your best assistant you ever have.

StreamFab Youtube Downloader Pro

Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and 1000+ sites with a resolution of up to 8K. Supports multitasking and playlist download.

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3. How to Use the Best Way to Download YouTube Videos?

Have you gotten a little impression about what DVDFab Video Downloader can offer? The next part will lead you through three steps to download your videos with this expert best way to download YouTube videos.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

This best way to download YouTube videos for free is one of two modules of DVD Fab Downloader. You can download this program on the Video Downloader product page to enjoy the video download service. The steps are very easy, all you need to do is to click the “Free Download” button and install the file as instructed.


Notes: when the install process is finished, you are advised to change the default settings first before initiating any download tasks. Click the triangle-shaped button on the top right corner, then a small bar frame will show up. Click the “Settings” button on the bar frame and a new bar frame where a series of settings including video /audio quality, directory, are listed will come up. You can alter each of them based on your needs. The last item or “Download Video”, nevertheless, may need your special attention. We highly recommend you choose “Ask me each time” in case different video formats are needed during download.

To save multi video playlist from YouTube, you may need DVDFab Video Downloader. This YouTube playlist downloader is well-evaluated by users.

Step 2: Find your video

The first step to download videos is to identify which video or videos you want to download. The best way to download YouTube videos Mac provides two options for you to choose. First, paste the URL of the video on the search bar which is on the central top of the main interface as is highlighted in the picture below. Second, you can search it directly on the websites listed below the search bar. Either way, you will get what you want. After it is done, a suspending bar including three buttons, namely “Add to”, “Play” and “Download” will appear, each one of them representing a core function of this downloader.

Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

This best way to download YouTube videos can provide more functions than just downloading videos. The first button on the suspending bar we mentioned above can be used to add videos to your favorite list or playlists you created. Hover your mouse over the “Add to” button, then a new bar frame will appear. Choose the “Add to Favorite” button or “Add to Playlist” button on it, then the video you are playing will be collected. You can check it out on the “My Favorites” or “Created Playlists” section in the left column. To create a playlist, Click the Plus-shape button in the “Created Playlists” section and rename it, then a playlist will be made.



Download and save a playlist

Playlist download is also supported by this easy way to download YouTube videos and plays an important role in its ecosystem. Before you get it started, make sure you have identified the playlist you want to download. The method is the same as step1. When you open the playlist, the suspending bar will come up. Hover your mouse over the “Download” button on the suspending bar, and click the “Playlist” button that appears below it. Then the download interface will come out and you can choose relevant settings before clicking the “Download” button on the bottom right corner.



To save a playlist, the “add to” button is what you need. Hover your mouse over it, and click the second option “Save Playlist”, then this playlist will be saved. You can check it on the “Saved Playlists” section in the left column.



Play Button

Play function is a highlight about this safe way to download YouTube videos and represents an important improvement compared with the traditional version. You can find a “Play” button on the suspending bar we mentioned above, hover your mouse over it and it will give you two options, “Audio” and “Video”. Click one of them, and a play interface will come up.

This interface integrates many functions besides online/offline play. As you can see, it can be categorized into three areas, the left part, the central part and the right part. The left part includes four small buttons, which, from left to right, represents “Switch to the main interface”, “Add to Favorite”, “Download the current works” and “Delete the current works”. The ventral part consists of five elements, the first of which stands for “play mode”, the second “Play last”, the third “Play or pause”, the fourth “play next” and the fifth “volume control”. The right part contains three elements, first of them representing for progress/duration, the second play speed and the third current playlist.

Step 3: Download videos

This best way to download YouTube videos on mobile can improve your experience tremendously. Hover your mouse over the “Download” button on the suspending bar, click “Video” and the video will be downloaded. You can check the progress by clicking “Downloads” in the left column where the first two options stand for downloaded works and the third for downloading works. By the way, you can open the “Turbo-Speed” function during download to enjoy faster speed. it’s right on the top right corner.

Download this easy way to download YouTube videos, and embark on a great journey immediately.

4. What Kinds of 200+ Video Websites DVDFab Video Downloader Supports?

This easy way to download YouTube videos on Android allows users to have a free wander around 200+ websites and download their favorite videos. There are some websites below for your reference to download videos.

Still searching for a video downloader to help you how to download Pluralsight videos? Then DVDFab Video Downloader cannot be ignored which is an expert downloading tool.

Top-ranking Sharing Website
YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website in the world.
Facebook is the leading picture-sharing website in the world.
News Website
CTV News is Canada's 24-hour all-news network, delivering breaking news the second it happens.
BBC is Britain's biggest news broadcasting organization, delivering real-time news.
Professional Technology-Media Platform
CBS interactive is the biggest global technological interactive media, subjected to Columbia’s CBS Corporation.
Brightcove takes advantage of new media technology to spread colorful content through Brightcove online.

5. What DVDFab Can Do?

DVDFab Video Downloader is a creative safe way to download YouTube videos. If the original format of your downloaded videos can’t be played on your target device. You may need a Converter tool. DVDFab Video Converter is the tool you are looking for. This program is also one of the product modules of DVDFab 11. With it, you are free to convert any video to any format, including but not limited to, MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV and even 3D and 4K. Besides, if you are a collector of DVDs or like renting DVDs, DVDFab DVD Ripper may be what you need. There are three kinds of Rippers you can select: DVDFab DVD Ripper, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, and DVDFab UHD Ripper.

6. Conclusion

There are many ways to download videos from all kinds of websites, but practice proves DVDFab Video Downloader is the best solution. Use this best way to download YouTube videos to download videos, experience a pleasant journey among 1000+ website, and you will be informed of all the latest information.

DVDFab Video Downloader promises to give users the best speaking of download online videos. You can use this FB Video Downloader to download countless online videos, whole playlist, video metadata, etc.

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