Ask DVDFab Video Downloader to Download Music to Phone from YouTube

Summary: This article recommends DVDFab Video Downloader to help video lovers download music to phone from YouTube. Any video can be found and downloaded with this software.
So many people often want to download their favorite videos. Yet it is frustrated that video-sharing websites always forbid users to download. You must have pondered how to download music from YouTube to your phone a lot. Isn’t it nice if there is a software that helps you download any videos without limitation? Well, DVDFab Video Downloader is the right software.

1. The Beginning Story When You Download Music to Phone from YouTube

how to download music from YouTube to phone? What kind of video downloader can be used? A powerful video downloader enables you to download any videos without restrictions. That’s why you need to make a full consideration of a video downloader. To save your time we have weeded through some aspects that should be taken into account.
Speaking of video downloaders, one of the essential functions is definitely to download video at high speed and with high quality. Only in this condition can users enjoy a delightful watching experience. Apart from this, a video downloader will stand out if it can help you download videos from numerous websites rather than only one, such as YouTube. After thinking all your needs, we hope you can try DVDFab Video Downloader.

2. Marvellous Assistant Always on - DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader is such a tool that is designed to address how do you download music from YouTube to your phone. After a couple of generations of improvement, it has now grown into a one-stop solution. if you have any trouble as to how to download videos, it may be your best assistant you ever have.

As a professional Reddit video downloader, DVDFab Video Downloader makes it possible to download videos from Reddit.
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3. The Instruction to Download Music to Phone from YouTube

In this section, we will take the recommended DVDFab Video Downloader as an example to express the steps to download music to phone from YouTube in detail.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

The question how do I download music from YouTube to my phone can be easily solved by installing a DVDFab Video Downloader. You can download the installer of Video Downloader from the product page of the DVDFab Video Downloader. Click the “Free Download” button, and complete the installment.

Note: Once it is done, open the program to change the settings first. Click the little triangle-shaped icon on the top right corner. Below it will appear a bar frame with a couple of buttons. Click “Settings”, and the relevant interface will come up. You can change settings of the language, directory and resolution. In particular, resolution settings are highly recommended to be adjusted as “Ask me each time”, or all the videos will be downloaded with default resolutions.

Step 2: Find your video

To answer the question of how can I download music from YouTube to my phone, you need to inform the program what video you want to download. Pasting its URL on the search bar (central top of the main interface) and clicking the “Enter” button is an option. Besides, we also suggest you open the video with a wide variety of websites listed below the search bar. Once it is done, you will see a suspending bar on the main interface, which has three parts, “Add to”, “Play” and “Download”. You will find them very helpful in your daily operations.

DVDFab Video Downloader answers users’ questions of how to download videos off Instagram, presents the most crystal images on the the screen of computers compatible to Windows or Mac and mobile phones.

Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

When you download music to phone from YouTube, you may come across videos you’d like to collect into your playlist, and this can be made by this program. Move your mouse over the “Add to” part of the suspending bar mentioned above, it will give you three options, “Add to Favorite”, “Play Next” and “Add to Playlist”, the first representing adding a video to your favorite list, the second playing next and the third adding video to playlist you created. To create playlists, click the plus-shape button on the “Created Playlist”, and rename it.

Download and Save a playlist

Since the question of how to download music from YouTube to your phone is often connected with another one, namely “how to download playlists with this downloader”. On the following part, we list a detailed explanation for that.

If you open or play a playlist with this program, it will recognize it is a playlist automatically. The suspending bar will appear. Move your mouse over the third part of this bar or “Download”, choose “Playlist” option below it. Then, a download interface will show up, you can change relevant settings according to your needs. Afterwards, click the “Download” button on the right bottom corner to download the playlist.

To Save a playlist, hover your mouse over the “Add to” part of the suspending bar, choose “Save Playlist”, and the playlist will be “yours”. You can check it out on the “Saved Playlists” section in the left column. This function is only available for playlist. So, if you are playing or opening a single video which doesn’t belong to any playlist, there won’t be the playlist download option on the suspending bar.

People tend to download multiple videos at one time. DVDFab Video Downloader allows you to download upmost 5 videos simultaneously. That’s why we recommend this Instagram video Downloader online to you.

Play Button

Aside from the frequently asked question of how to download music from YouTube to phone, there is another one that you may be curious about: can this video play videos? The answer is yes. The second part of the suspending bar is for play function. Mouse over it, and it will give you the “Play Video” option. Click it, then a play interface will appear.

The new interface is composed of three parts. From left to right, they represent different meanings. The left part has four elements, whose respective meaning is “album cover”, “add to favorite”, “download this works”, “delete this works”. Particularly, you can click the album cover to switch between the play interface and the main interface.

The central part has five elements, representing from left to right, “play mode”, “play last”, “play or pause”, “play next”, “volume control”. The right part has three elements, the first referring to progress/duration, the second play speed and the third current playlist.

Step 3: Download a video

Here is the final step to answer the question how do I download YouTube music to my phone. Hover your mouse over “Download” on the suspending bar, choose the “Video” option. Then, a download interface will appear. Choose relevant settings, including resolution, directory and click the “Download” button to get started. You can check the download progress by clicking the “Downloads” section in the left column, where three elements are included. The first two of them are downloaded videos while the last one is downloading videos.

By the way, click the “Downloading” label in the “Downloads” section, you will see a “turbo-speed” button on the top right corner. You can turn it on to enjoy high-speed experience.

Still feel frustrated for the question of how to download music from YouTube to your phone? Download DVDFab Video Downloader and all your trouble will be solved.

4. Which Websites Provides Downloadable Videos?

DVDFab Video Downloader is a professional tool to download free music from YouTube to your phone. This program supports to download videos off 200+ websites. The following part describes some examples.

Social Networking Platform
Facebook It is the famous American online social media platform to stay connected with friends and family, share updates and photos, learn the local or world events.
Twitter It is an American online news and social networking platform to share life experiences, discover moments and stories, find breaking news about sports, politics, etc.
Video-sharing Website
Vimeo It is an ad-free video platform that provides free video viewing services. Users can watch ad-free HD videos, follow categories and creators, upload and share videos to others.
Dailymotion It is a video-sharing technology platform for watching, publishing and sharing videos. It provides the content like the latest news, high-quality music, amazing stories, etc.
News Website
BBC It is the operational business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation that provides breaking news, sport, TV, radio, weather, documentaries, etc.
CNN It operates as a division of the Turner Broadcasting System, providing the latest news and breaking news for U.S., world, politics, health, weather, entertainment, etc.

5. Learn More about DVDFab

DVDFab is users’ first choice to solve how to download music from YouTube to phone. It has gained popularity both domestically and abroad, the same goes for DVDFab 11, which contains many useful tools to help users to copy and rip DVD discs/ISO/Folder, convert videos and do many other things as well. Hurry up to try it.

6. Conclusion

Have you gotten a full overview of the software program - DVDFab Video Downloader? When you want to download music to phone from YouTube, the program always works better than the online websites. Need high-definition videos for better viewing? DVDFab Video Downloader can make it. Have limited time left and dozens of videos queued up? open the VIP speed. And how about downloading a playlist, multi-task, and even a YouTube Channel? Take it easy, DVDFab Video Downloader is the program you are looking for to meet all you needs.

DVDFab Video Downloader, compatible to Windows or Mac, can also be used on mobile phones to download all kinds of videos on websites featuring YouTube. Follow this FB Video Downloader and wander in the world of videos.

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