The Best Solution to Download Streaming Video Firefox

Summary: This article will show you how to choose the best tool to download streaming video Firefox and why DVDFab Video Downloader is highly recommended.

Fine videos always arouse people’s desire for repeated review. In order to gain convenient backplay each time, not to be confined by Wi-Fi or weak carrier’s signal, you may need a video downloader to download streaming video free. Here, a video downloader is recommended to you, which allows you to download any video online without paying any money. Learning how to use it will help you download videos more efficiently and more effectively.

The Best Solution to Download Streaming Video Firefox

1. Something to Mention Before You Download Streaming Video Firefox

The question how to download live streaming video can be easily solved as long as you have a right downloader. We believe it will benefit users a lot if they obey some rules when they choose a video downloader. Based on the previous experience, one of the most important functions is the batch download function should be included in this product.
According to the feedback of a large quantity of users, two of the most required functions are batch download and multiple formats. So the chances are they are needed by you and should be supported by the product you choose. It’s understandable why those two are more needed than others. Batch download can save your trouble of doing multiple tasks one by one and improve your efficiency as well as your experience. Compared to single video download, batch download can save 10-fold time or more. The other function “multiple formats” are frequently required because the diversity of formats gives people more freedom for choice and make their work and life more delicate and customized.

2. The Right Program Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

Do you often download videos online? Why not try the DVDFab Video Downloader? This software will show you how to download streaming videos from any website in higher video resolution and faster download speed and offer more optimal services you need. There is a belief that you will be fond of this program. Let’s learn about its functions together.

DVDFab Video Downloader DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader Top video downloader to download streaming video Firefox, offering you fairly straightforward UI and VIP speed download

Free Download Free Download

3. A Detailed Guide to Download Streaming Video Firefox

These features jointly compose wings that power DVDFab Video Downloader to meet your needs stably and reliably. The next part will guide you through detailed steps to download streaming video Firefox.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

To finish the first step, you may need to locate the website of DVDFab Video Downloader. Click Free Download button, get its installer file to install this program as guided. This program has great advantages to download streaming video Firefox.


download streaming video Firefox


Note: Before moving to the next step, you can do some settings first. After launching this program, you will see the whole user interface. On the right top corner exists an inverted triangle. Click it. An unfolding list will appear on which the Settings option is listed first. Click this option, as a result, a new interface will reveal in front of you.

Two options, Video Directory and Download Video, on this interface need your extra attention. As for the Video Directory, click the Folder icon below it to change the output address as you need. As for the Download Video, click the small upside-down triangle below it, all choices about video quality are provided here: Ask me each time, Best, 8K UHD-4320p, 4K UHD-2160p, Full HD-1080p, HD-720p, SD-480p, 360p, 240p and 144p. We advise you to set Ask me each time, because with this setting, you can choose one from different resolutions every time you click Download button as your convenience.




Step 2: Find the video to be downloaded

More information will be given for you to download streaming video free. Here comes to the step to find a video to be downloaded. Two methods are available. One is to paste a video URL on the search bar, and the other one is to click a built-in explorer on the upper part of interface, like YouTube, or click More, to find a video.


how to download streaming videos from any website


Add to My Favorites or Created Playlists

Here is more relevant information you may wonder when it comes to download streaming video Firefox. For playing YouTube video, you can use an Add to button on the left side of the suspending bar, along with other two buttons which are Play and Download, on a condition that the video information is analyzed by this program.

Click Add to button, then you will notice Add to Favorite and Add to Playlist. Add to Favorite means collecting your video under My Favorites situated on the left interface part. Add to Playlist will be available when you name a new list under Created Playlists. Refresh the video page. Then if you click Add to Playlist, the playing video will be saved under the new list of Created Playlists.



Download and Save a Playlist

DVDFab Video Downloader is a multifunctional program to download streaming video free. It can recognize a playing playlist. Like what has been mentioned before, three buttons appear when a playing video information is analyzed. But slightly differences happen here. When your mouse cursor point to the Download button, then a Playlist button can be spotted. Click Playlist, a new panel comes along with it. It is a panel where you can pick up videos you want to download. When your mouse cursor points to Add to button, then a Save Playlist button can be noticed, click it, and then the playing playlist will be saved under Saved Playlists.




Play button

When you want to know how to download live streaming video, then Play button is indispensable which can be noticed on the middle of the suspending bar. Click it, then a new playing interface will show up. From left to right on the bottom, functions of some buttons will be explained here.

The album cover can be used to unfold the playing interface. The small heart button means to save the playing video under My Favorites list. The inverted arrow means to download the playing video. The “x” icon means to close the playing interface. And the cycling button offers playing mode, namely Repeat All, Repeat Single, Sequential and Shuffle. Well, a Playing Speed can be used to adjust the speed if needed.



Step 3: Download Videos

Here comes the final step before you know how to download live streaming video. Appearing in the suspending bar, Download button can be clicked to download a video. Then a new panel comes out. Choose one quality level you want to download, after which the video starts to be downloaded immediately. Focus your eyesight to the Downloads situated on the left column, click this button, then Music, Video, Downloading buttons can be seen. Apparently, you can check downloaded music and videos under Music and Video list respectively, and check downloading situation under Downloading button.


download streaming video Firefox-1


download streaming video free-1


Note: Turbo-Speed function is available during the downloading process.

Are you clear about these steps to download streaming video free with DVDFab Video Downloader? Then it’s time to try it. We can assure you that this program will not disappoint you.

4. Several Cases of 200+ Supported Websites

Do you have a picture of how DVDFab Video Downloader solve how to download streaming videos from any website. The part below will show you several examples of 200+ supported websites.

Social Networking Platform
Instagram As a very popular product owned by Facebook, Instagram can provide users with a variety of options such as editing, uploading and sharing in terms of videos and messages.
Twitter It a blog-like application where users can display their ideas, comments and views on various topics. The action of posting is called Tweeting.
Video-sharing Website
Vimeo A very popular video-sharing website which allows users to operate their videos with the tools this website provides such as editing, sharing and adding effects. One of its most prominent characteristics is ad-free.
TED Many famous people will be invited to make a speech by TED, and that’s also a reason why it is so famous. Users can get the most authoritative views and knowledge by watching videos provided by this TED app.
CNN A very famous news website which focuses on reporting most current news and breaking news.
BBC Like its famous peer CNN, this website is also known for reporting current news and breaking news.

5. About DVDFab Software

DVDFab Downloader is composed of Video Downloader to solve how to download live streaming video and YouTube to MP3 to download videos to MP3 file. DVDFab Software also owns the world’s most complete DVD backup solution. Included in its DVDFab 11 multimedia solution package, the DVD Copy module is the product that features the aforementioned complete DVD backup solution. With it, DVD disc owners are empowered with the capacity to copy their DVD movies off the original discs onto computer hard disk drives saved as ISO files or movie folders or further burn the copied ISO files or movie folders to blank DVD-5/9 discs.

6. Conclusion

Choose DVDFab Video Downloader, and you will gain fast video download speed, multi-task download access, and 8K videos resolution. What are you waiting for? Just follow the detailed operational procedures, find your videos and download streaming video Firefox. You next review of your preferred videos must be very flexible and convenient with the assistance of DVDFab Video Downloader.

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