How to Download Music from YouTube on Mac?

Summary: This article fixes the problems of how to download music from YouTube on Mac and recommends you a powerful tool - DVDFab Video Downloader.
So many people often want to download music from YouTube Mac. Yet it is frustrated that video-sharing websites always forbid users to download. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a software that helps you download any videos you want without limitation? Well, DVDFab Video Downloader is here for you.

1. Factors You Need to Think About to Solve How to Download Music from YouTube on Mac

To answer the question of how to download music from YouTube to MacBook air, people need to know how to choose a right downloader first. There are certain rules users are recommended to obey. And the most important one is it should give users friendly experience.
Whether from a tech professional’s view or a user’s view, a friendly user experience is extremely necessary. You must hope the product is easy to use and can be understood instantly. After all, we have very limited energy compared to the seemingly endless choices out there. It is easy to recognize whether a product is user-friendly. Check its interface, see if the layout of buttons is appropriate and fits your daily habits; the function should be kept simple and takes as less steps as possible to finish. Also, the visual design being appealing to your eyes is a big bonus.

2. Top Program Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader is a video download program with a series of targeted functions. It has absorbed many positive elements as well as removed negative ones from the old version and made some innovations. It is a highly recommended solution as to how to download music to Mac from YouTube. You can experience the best service from it, and it will never let you down.

StreamFab Youtube Downloader Pro

Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and 1000+ sites with a resolution of up to 8K. Supports multitasking and playlist download.

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3. How to Download Music from YouTube on Mac?

Find The Answer to how to download music from YouTube on Mac Following This Software

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader


Install DVDFab Video Downloader before you use it to learn how to download YouTube music to MacBook. Only three clicks are needed for you to download and install this software. After the installation finishes, start it and set the interface language, video directory as well as video resolution. You can do the above-mentioned operations by clicking the inverted triangle in the upper-right corner of the main interface of this software. Then, click Settings>Language/Video Directory/Download Video respectively.




A MP4 video download is crucial when speaking of video downloading. Give DVDFab Video Downloader a chance and it will surprise you.

Step 2: Locate your video

You have two choices to locate your favorite videos with this free YouTube music downloader for Mac. First, use the search bar and paste the video URL there. Second, use the built-in browsers to search your video.

Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

Suppose you are playing a YouTube video in DVDFab Video Downloader. After this software, the expert to tell how to download music from YouTube on Mac, finishes analyzing your video, you will see three buttons appear: Add to, Play and Download. Then, follow the path of “Add to” - “Add to Favorite” to add this video to “My Favorites”, which can be found in the left navigational column. To add this video to your created playlist, you need to click the “+” behind Created Playlists in the left navigational column and name your created playlist. Then, refresh the interface and follow the path of “Add to” - “Add to Playlist” to save this video.

Download and Save a playlist

Also, take YouTube playlists as an example. Wait for the three buttons to appear: Add to, Play and Download. Follow the path of “Download” - “Playlist” to download this playlist. Follow the path of “Add to” - “Save Playlist” to save this playlist. Then, find this playlist in the left navigational column through the options of  “Downloads” and “Saved Playlists” respectively. It is easy to use this software to download music from YouTube Mac.




Play Button

DVDFab Video Downloader supports full-screen play. Move your mouse cursor onto the “Play” button on the YouTube video and click “Play Video”, Then, you come to the full screen. If you want to leave this full-screen interface, click the downward arrow on the small video cover at the bottom. Return to this full-screen interface by clicking the upward arrow on the video cover. Using this software to learn how to download music from YouTube to MacBook air is easy and fun.



Step 3: Download your video


For those who want to download videos with this YouTube free music Downloader for Mac, look through this part carefully. When the Download button appears on your YouTube video, follow the path of “Download” - “Video” to download it. The video resolution depends on your preference. To accelerate the download process, enable the Turbo-Speed download function by clicking “Downloads>Downloading” in the left navigational column.




DVDFab Video Downloader will never dismay you to download music from YouTube Mac.

4. Where Do Downloadable Videos Come from?

No matter which website you are going to visit to download your favorite videos, DVDFab Video Downloader supports it. With more than 1000 websites available, you can wander in the world of videos using this YouTube music downloader for Mac os.

Users are allowed to select a preferred resolution, from 144p all the way up to 1080p, even 4K and 8K, during the time to how to convert YouTube to MP4.

American Social Networking Websites
YouTube It is an American video-sharing website, enabling users to upload, watch, share and comment on videos.
Twitter It is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages in limited characters.
Animation Website Platform
Giphy It is home to dynamic gif animation images and can be added to social media and chat applications.
Crunchyroll This is an online community website to offer media streaming services related to animation images, cartoons, drama and media.
Question-oriented live-broadcasting platform
TED It focuses on ideas worth spreading. Leading figures in the fields of science, design, literature and music, share their thinking and exploration of technology, society and human beings in speech.
Closer to Truth It features extensive conversations of the leading scientists, philosophers, theologians, and scholars and covers a diverse range of topics or questions

5. What Users Can Get from DVDFab?

DVDFab Video Downloader acts professionally to let you figure out how to download music from YouTube to MacBook air. While DVDFab is a multimedia software provider focusing on DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD copy, ripper, creator and video downloader & converter. In terms of copying, DVDFab can copy DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD to a blank disc/folder/ISO file for later watching, and as well as rip them to various formats to play back on your device, such as MKV, AVI.

6. Conclusion

Watching videos online has been a routine for most of us. It will be more convenient if we can download them. But how to download music from YouTube on Mac? Since DVDFab Video Downloader is an expert tool to do this, we highly recommend you to put it into consideration.

High quality? Fluent download performance? Multiple downloading websites? DVDFab Video Downloader will satisfy all your needs! With this 4k Video Downloader, you can get online videos downloaded in only a few clicks.

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