How to Download Songs from YouTube to iPhone?

Summary: how to download songs from YouTube to iPhone? Here, a powerful Video Downloader is the thing you need. This article introduces some key points to help you make a decision and then recommends a top program - DVDFab Video Downloader.
At places where the Wi-Fi connection is poor, you may read a book or watch offline videos. For instance, when you take a crowded subway to commute from home to office, offline videos may a better option to relax. Here you need a Video Downloader. The following parts will show you a detailed tip to download songs from YouTube to iPhone.

1. Something You Need to Know to Select a Right Video Downloader

To find the answer to how to download songs from YouTube to your phone, you are expected to turn to the most powerful video downloader for help. Then, how to judge which software is what you want? There are some suggestions for you. First, choose a user-friendly video downloader which is easier for you to operate. Second, choose a multi-functional video downloader which is competent to satisfy all your needs.

2. Best Program Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader places itself as an assistant who is programmed to handle each issue users have met and support each idea users may put forward when they download songs from YouTube to phone. A smart assistant should be competent as well as simple. DVDFab Video Downloader is such a partner. The following sections will describe what makes this software outstanding.

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3. How to Download Songs from YouTube to iPhone?

DVDFab Video Downloader is regarded to be an expert to solve how to download songs from YouTube to iPhone. Detailed steps are listed here to explain how.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader can be installed from its official website. Click the Free Download button at website and install this software as instructed. After that, you are free to use it to see how to download songs onto your phone from YouTube.

Note: Since you already have it on your device, you can open it and do some settings before using it. Click the inverse triangle icon available at the top right corner of Main Interface. Then find the tab of Settings to open the Settings panel, from which you are free to change the language, Video Directory and video resolutions under Download Video option.

DVDFab Video Downloader is the best and easiest way to baby shark video download.

Step 2: Find your video


To download songs off YouTube on iPhone you may need to find a video first. DVDFab Video Downloader offers two ways. You can paste its URL into the address bar of the built-in browser at the Explore section. This software will start to analyze the URL immediately as soon as you start to search by hitting “Enter” on your keyboard.



An alternative way is to use the Popular Website Menu from which you can access YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, just to name a few, to find your desired video.

Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

There are more functions to introduce before knowing how to download songs from YouTube to iPhone. Add video is one of them. When a YouTube video is playing, “Add to” “Play” and “Download” buttons show up right under the address bar of the built-in browser. Other website videos, however, only the “Download” button shows. Move to “Add to”, you can easily find “Add to Favorite” “Play Next” and “Add to Playlist”. “Add to Favorite” allows you to save your target video to My Favorites on the left column of the main interface. “Add to Playlist” won’t work unless you have created a playlist under “Created Playlists” by clicking “+” beside it and refresh the interface.

Download and Save a playlist

As we have mentioned before, DVDFab Video Downloader allows you to download and save a playlist when you download songs from YouTube to iPhone. Wonder how? Well, a playing playlist can be recognized by this software. If you point to the “Download” button appearing on the interface, a “Playlist” tab can be seen. Click it to download all videos under that playlist. Apart from this, you can also point the o “Add to” button under where you can notice the “Save Playlist”. As soon as you clicked it, the playlist will be saved under “Saved Playlist” on the left column.

Play Button

Compared with other downloaders, this software offers more to help you understand how to download songs from YouTube to your phone thoroughly. Play button is one of the three buttons that shows up when a YouTube video is playing. The only thing needed to pay attention is once you click it, an external media player shall pop up immediately and start to play the target video. But only audio will be played before you have this video downloaded.



Step 3: Download videos

Now, it’s time to finish the last step about how can I download songs from YouTube to my phone. Click the “Download” button showing up along with “Add to” and “Play” to initiate the downloading process. In case you want to check the real-time downloading status, DVDFab Video Downloader is designed with “Downloads” on the left-side panel. Click it and see “Downloading” to check downloading status. We are glad to remind you that “Turbo-Speed” is available during the process.

DVDFab Video Downloader completely devotes itself to video downloading. If you need to download songs from YouTube to iPhone, give this software a chance and you will like it.

4. What Kinds of 200+ Video Websites DVDFab Video Downloader Supports?

Music to your ears. Your frequently-visited websites, no matter they are popular or less popular, have been included by the 1000+ websites DVDFab Video Downloader supports. Keep curious to find how do I download songs from YouTube to my iPhone.

DVDFab Video Downloader featuring HD video download, Turbo-Speed download, batch download and metadata download, promises to live up to users’ expectations. With this tool, it is easy to download Tumblr video.

Top-ranking Video-Sharing Websites
Youtube It is the biggest video-sharing website in the world.
Facebook It is the leading picture-sharing website in the world.
News Website
CTV News It is Canada's 24-hour all-news network, delivering breaking news the second it happens.
BBC It is Britain’s biggest news broadcasting organization, delivering real-time news.
Professional Technology-Media Platform
CBS interactive It is the biggest global technological interactive media, subjected to Columbia’s CBS Corporation.
Brightcove It takes advantage of new media technology to spread colorful content through Brightcove online.

5. What DVDFab Can Do?

DVDFab Software, the best vendor of its kind in the segment, presents global users the most complete online music and video download, playback and management solutions in a single platform called DVDFab Downloader, which makes it possible for users to settle how to download songs from YouTube to your phone. The supported websites are presently up to over 200 music and video sharing websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and etc. Besides, the Video Converter module from its DVDFab 11 product line offers further solutions to convert those downloaded music files in MP3 format and videos in MP4, MKV and others to user-specified format to enjoy on any specific device.

6. Conclusion

There always exist some requirements that you must do something before downloading a video from the source website. Now you have DVDFab Video Downloader to solve your question of “how to download songs from YouTube to iPhone”. The thing turns different that you are allowed to download videos off websites directly. Within the shortest time and at the fastest speed, you can bring any video, video playlist or the whole YouTube channel you have been long desiring to your own device or folder for offline viewing. What are you waiting for? Act now. Install DVDFab Video Downloader and have a try.

DVDFab Video Downloader featuring HD video download, Turbo-Speed download, batch download and metadata download, promises to live up to users’ expectations. With this YouTube Video Downloader free download, all videos are at your disposal.

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