How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile?

Summary: Wonder how to download YouTube videos in mobile? It’s easy to answer, as long as you have the right tool. What makes a good video downloader? How it works? All you want to know is well described in this article below.
You can watch millions of free videos on Internet, such as exercise videos. Want to download them to do exercise at comfortable places? A Video Downloader can help. The following parts will provide solutions for you to download YouTube videos to mobile.

1. Before You Make Decision to Experience a Video Downloader

There are certain rules users are recommended to obey when it comes to the choice of YouTube video download for mobile. And the most important one is it should give users a friendly experience.
Whether from a tech professional’s view or a user’s view, a friendly user experience is extremely necessary. You must hope the product is easy to use and can be understood instantly. After all, we have very limited energy compared to the seemingly endless choices out there. It is easy to recognize whether a product is user-friendly. Check its interface, see if the layout of buttons is appropriate and fits your daily habits; the function should be kept simple and takes as fewer steps as possible to finish. Also, the visual design being appealing to your eyes is a big bonus.

2. Professional Software Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

When it comes to how to download YouTube videos in mobile directly, DVDFab Video Downloader has received numerous praise for its function in providing HD videos download, turbo-speed download, playlist download, multi-task download and metadata download. That’s why we recommended this software to you.

If you are still troubled by how do you download a YouTube video, try DVDFab Video Downloader – a powerful downloader tool.
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3. How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile?

We have known a lot about DVDFab Video Downloader so far. If you are interested in it and wonder how to download YouTube videos in mobile, we are glad to express operation steps to you.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader


Everything starts with downloading. To download YouTube videos directly Android mobile, you can locate to the website of DVDFab Video Downloader, click Free Download button and install software by following instructions. Once all these are done, you are free to open it.

Note: This software is highly customizable. Once you have opened it, you can click the inverse triangle icon available at the top right corner of Main Interface. Then find the tab of Settings to open the Settings panel, from which you are free to change the language, Video Directory and video resolutions under Download Video option.




Step 2: Find your desired video


DVDFab Video Downloader facilitates you to download YouTube videos free for mobile. In order to download your desired video, you can paste its URL into the address bar of the built-in browser at the Explore section. As soon as you hit “Enter”, this software will start to analyze the URL immediately.



An alternative way is to use the Popular Website Menu from which you can access YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, just to name a few, to find your desired video.

DVDFab Video Downloader is good at downloading videos from more than 1000 websites, like YouTube, Facebook and other popular or less popular websites. It will provide you with the optimal solution to how to download ustream recorded videos.

Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

This software will beyond your imagination when it comes to how to download YouTube videos in mobile. In this section, we will take the YouTube video as an example to explain how it works. If a YouTube video is being played at this software, you will notice three buttons - “Add to” “Play” and “Download” – appear right under the address bar of the built-in browser. For other websites, like Facebook, only the “Download” button shows. Move to “Add to”, you can easily find “Add to Favorite” “Play Next” and “Add to Playlist”. “Add to Favorite” allows you to save your target video to My Favorites on the left column of the main interface. “Add to Playlist” won’t work unless you have created a playlist under “Created Playlists” by clicking “+” beside it and refresh the interface.

Download and Save a playlist

DVDFab Video Downloader never stops exploring to satisfy users when they download YouTube videos to mobile. Need to download or save a playlist? No worry. This software can do that. It can automatically recognize a playlist when a playlist is playing. Like we have said, the “Download” button shall appear as a result. Point to this button with your mouse pointer, and then the “Playlist” tab can be seen. Click it to download all videos under that playlist. Apart from this, you can also point to the “Add to” button under where you can notice the “Save Playlist”. As soon as you clicked it, the playlist will be saved under “Saved Playlist” on the left column.

Are you faced with any difficulty in video download? Why not ask DVDFab Video Downloader for help? This Youku video Downloader affords easy access to videos on more than 1000 websites, making any video at your disposal.

Play Button

You can play your desired video before downloading with this YouTube video download for mobile. Since we have talked about “Download” and “Add to” buttons, now we are going to see how the “Play” button works. The only thing we want to remind you is that once you click it, an external media player shall pop up immediately and start to play the target video. However, only audio can be played before you have this video downloaded.

Step 3: Download videos

Here is the essential solution to how to download YouTube videos in mobile. It is no doubt that you need to click the “Download” button if you want to get your video downloaded. If you want to check the real-time downloading status, please go to the left-side panel and navigate to My Music>Downloads>Downloading. During the downloading process, Turbo-Speed is available.

DVDFab Video Downloader is professional to download YouTube videos to mobile. If you happen to need to download videos, then try it. We can assure that you will not regret.

4. Some Other Websites DVDFab Video Downloader Covers

DVDFab Video Downloader allows users to have a free wander around 200+ websites and download their favorite videos. There are some websites below for your reference to download YouTube videos to mobile.

Top-ranking Sharing Website
YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website in the world.
Facebook is the leading picture-sharing website in the world.
News Website
CTV News is Canada's 24-hour all-news network, delivering breaking news the second it happens.
BBC is Britain's biggest news broadcasting organization, delivering real-time news.
Professional Technology-Media Platform
CBS interactive is the biggest global technological interactive media, subjected to Columbia’s CBS Corporation.
Brightcove takes advantage of new media technology to spread colorful content through Brightcove online.

5. What Can DVDFab Offer?

Besides known as an ultimate YouTube video download for mobile, DVDFab Software also offers the world top-notch DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray backup solutions included in its No. 1 hit product series known to millions as DVDFab 11. Among all its modules, the Copy modules help disc collectors make home backups to their precious DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, so that they can put the original discs up on the shelf for collection purpose, and use the backup copies for daily playback, sharing and other purposes.

6. All in All

I seem to have seen your sweet smile after you read through this whole article. This video download expert is really helpful to show you how to download YouTube videos in mobile and clear your confusion about video download. No matter you aim at downloading a video faster than before, or downloading multiple videos simultaneously, DVDFab Video Downloader is at your service.

This Vimeo Video Downloader holds absolute competitive advantage over its rivals. It is easy to use and filled with various kinds of functions, enabling users to download or save a video or a playlist.

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