Something You Need to Know about YouTube Downloader Free Download

Summary: Since video-sharing websites have gained its popularity day by day, video download becomes an essential requirement for users. DVDFab Video Downloader is the right tool for this and this article will show you how to use this YouTube Downloader free download.
Need to download various videos as the source materials to create your own Vlog? A powerful Video Downloader can help you download all sorts of videos from websites you can list. The following parts will illustrate how to choose a right free online YouTube Downloader and how it works to download videos from the site.

1. The Beginning Story about The YouTube Downloader Free Download

When choosing a video downloader, there are some tips for you. In order to get a qualified assistant in video download, you are supposed to judge whether the video downloader can fix your problem - download any video from any website. So, where do you usually download your preferred videos, YouTube, Facebook or others? Does the software you select support your frequently visited websites? This is the first point you need to check. Apart from this, the free YouTube download you choose should be user-friendly. It is better for users to download a video with less efforts. Now, if you haven’t decided which one to choose, there is a video downloader of a good reputation you should learn about- DVDFab Video Downloader.

2. Marvellous Assistant Always on - DVDFab Video Downloader

Generally speaking, the value of a video downloader depends too much on its functions. Considering DVDFab Video Downloader has gained in popularity globally when it is needed to free download from YouTube, its functions must be numerous and helpful for its users. Now, I will elaborate on each function of this software one by one.

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3. The Instruction to Use The YouTube Downloader Free Download

The following part will describe how DVDFab Video Downloader, the professional YouTube Downloader free download, works.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

There are two ways for you to get access to the installation of DVDFab Video Downloader. On one hand, you can enter from the website of DVDFab Video Downloader, click the Free Download button and install this software as instructed while clicking the Quick Installation. Then, you can start this the fastest free YouTube Downloader.



On the other, you can download DVDFab Downloader following the above operations. As the main program of DVDFab Video Downloader, downloading DVDFab Downloader can enjoy all the services provided by DVDFab Video Downloader.



Notes: When you come to the main interface of this software, there is an icon of inverted triangle beside the function of “minimality” on the top right corner. Click it and choose settings, where you can store videos to the place you want under the button of Video Directory, and choose proper video quality under the button of Download Video. I suggest selecting “Ask me each time”.




Step 2: Find your video

DVDFab Video Downloader is popular among users when it is used to YouTube Downloader online free download. There are two ways for you to find your video with this YouTube Downloader online free download. First, you can search your video after pasting the URL of your video to the address bar. Second, you can find your video from the built-in borwser of this software below the address bar. To meet the needs of users, DVDFab Video Downloader specially designs a built-in browser, covering most popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook and more.



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Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

When this YouTube Downloader free download finishes analyzing your playing video, three buttons including Add to, Play and Download, show up on the video interface. Click Add to Favorite under Add to button, and your video will be saved to My Favorites on the left navigational column. Click + behind Created Playlists on the left to create a new playlist, and name it at will. Then refresh this interface, click Add to Playlist under Add to button, and your video will be stored in this new playlist.



Download and Save a playlist

As long as you play a playlist, this free online YouTube Downloader will analyze and recognize it automatically. Then, click Playlist under the Download button and you come to a new interface where you can uncheck those videos you dislike before downloading them. Also, you can choose the optimal video resolution on that interface.

If you would like to watch your playlist repeatedly rather than to download them, it is possible to save your playlist as well. Play your playlist first, and wait for DVDFab Video Downloader to analyze it. When the analysis ends, click Save Playlist under Add to button, and your online playlist will be stored in Saved Playlists on the left side.

Users can use DVDFab Video Downloader to conduct 5 tasks at one time. That’s why we say this free video clips download is second to none when you are in need to download videos.

Play Button

Ask this free YouTube download to help you download videos from any website. Wait for your playing video to be analyzed until it finishes and three buttons appear. Click Play Video under the Play button, and a full screen with your playing video comes out. Here, if you want to come back to the last interface just now, click the downward arrow on the video cover. If you expect to stay on the full screen with that playing video, click the upward arrow on the video cover. On this full screen, several functions you can use, such as the icons of heart, download arrow, cyclic arrow and playback Speed.



Step 3: Download videos

After your playing video is analyzed by this YouTube Downloader free download, click Video under Download button, and your video will be under download. At this moment, if you want to check the video which is being downloaded, click Downloads on the left navigational column, and you will find your video. If you want to accelerate the download process, the Turbo-Speed function is available. Meantime, if you have multiple download tasks, all of them can be found on this interface and can be finished within quick speed.

Have you got a better understanding of how to download videos and playlists, or save them to a place for convenient review with this free online YouTube Downloader? Hurry up and have a try!

4. Which Websites Provides Downloadable Videos?

No matter which website you are going to visit to download your favorite videos, DVDFab Video Downloader supports it. With more than 1000 websites available, you can wander in the world of videos using this free online YouTube Downloader.

American Social Networking Websites
YouTube It is an American video-sharing website, enabling users to upload, watch, share and comment on videos.
Twitter It is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages in limited characters.
Animation Website Platform
Giphy It is home to dynamic gif animation images and can be added to social media and chat applications.
Crunchyroll This is an online community website to offer media streaming services related to animation images, cartoons, drama and media.
Question-oriented live-broadcasting platform
TED It focuses on ideas worth spreading. Leading figures in the fields of science, design, literature and music, share their thinking and exploration of technology, society and human beings in speech.
Closer to Truth It features extensive conversations of the leading scientists, philosophers, theologians, and scholars and covers a diverse range of topics or questions

5. Learn More about DVDFab

In this streaming world, our life is full of videos. DVDFab Video Downloader is a professional free YouTube download to download videos to your portable devices. DVDFab 11 from DVDFab Software is an all-in-one multimedia solution package consists of 20 products in total. DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Copy makes backup copies to movie DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, respectively; DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper converts these discs to digital video formats; DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Creator produces high-quality home DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, respectively; DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Cinavia Removal removes Cinavia watermarks from DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, respectively; Video Converter converts videos among different formats; and others can help users handle corresponding tasks, respectively.

6. Conclusion

Can DVDFab Video Downloader satisfy your needs in video download? Have you known how to use the six functions of this software? I hope you can download more videos and playlists at a faster speed than before, and save your favorite videos and playlists to someplace for easy access next time. In a word, this YouTube Downloader free download aims at providing better service in video download, video watching and video management.

DVDFab Video Downloader is the best way to download online videos from a range of streaming websites. This HD Video Downloader is a robust tool that allows you save video and audio for free.

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