YouTube Movie Downloader - A Perfect Solution to Download Videos

Summary: Since video-sharing websites have gained its popularity day by day, video download becomes an essential requirement for users. DVDFab Video Downloader is the right tool for this and this article will show you how to use this YouTube movie Downloader.
If you have a habit of collecting videos that interest you and then put them into your password-protected folder? A Video Downloader is your partner. The following parts show you how to pick a suitable YouTube movies free download and how it works.

1. Something You Need to Know Before You Choose A YouTube Movie Downloader

Discovering a capable video downloader is easy but difficult. By “easy”, it means you can choose any software you like; by “difficult”, it means you are charmed by all of the software and you cannot decide which one to buy, for there are a wide range of video downloaders with different appearances and functions. If so, how about judging the software from the perspectives of supported websites and download speed, two of the typical features of a video downloader. Then, the software equipped with these two powerful functions and more are going to show up, telling you how to download movies from YouTube.

2. Best Program Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

Keeping pace with the development of science and technology, this YouTube movie Downloader online is always updating its functions to meet the needs of users in video download. As long as new electronic products, such as smartphones, come into being, technicians will check whether this YouTube movie Downloader online can be applied to these new devices and adjust, as appropriate, the functions of this software. So far, DVDFab Video Downloader has distinguished itself by six outstanding features, as one of the most sought-after video download software. Let’s get to know these features one by one.

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3. How to Use The YouTube Movie Downloader?

Learn How to Use This YouTube movie Downloader

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

Install DVDFab Video Downloader before you use it to download free full-length movies from YouTube. Only three clicks are needed for you to download and install this software. After the installation finishes, start it and set the interface language, video directory as well as video resolution. You can do the above-mentioned operations by clicking the inverted triangle on the upper-right corner of the main interface of this software. Then, click Settings>Language/Video Directory/Download Video respectively.

Step 2: Locate your video


You have two choices to locate your favorite videos with this software before you download movies from YouTube to watch offline. First, use the search bar and paste the video URL there. Second, use the built-in browsers to search your video.



If you don’t know Instagram pics and videos download, you can use DVDFab Video Downloader which is a powerful yet easy to use software.

Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

Suppose you are playing a YouTube video in DVDFab Video Downloader. After this YouTube movie Downloader finishes analyzing your video, you will see three buttons appear: Add to, Play and Download. Then, follow the path of “Add to” - “Add to Favorite” to add this video to “My Favorites”, which can be found in the left navigational column. To add this video to your created playlist, you need to click the “+” behind Created Playlists in the left navigational column and name your created playlist. Then, refresh the interface and follow the path of “Add to” - “Add to Playlist” to save this video.



Download and Save a playlist

Also, take YouTube playlists as an example. Wait for the three buttons to appear: Add to, Play and Download. Follow the path of “Download” - “Playlist” to download this playlist. Follow the path of “Add to” - “Save Playlist” to save this playlist. Then, find this playlist in the left navigational column through the options of “Downloads” and “Saved Playlists” respectively. It is easy to use this YouTube movies free download to download videos.

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Play Button

DVDFab Video Downloader supports full-screen play. Move your mouse cursor onto the “Play” button on the YouTube video and click “Play Video”, Then, you come to the full screen. If you want to leave this full-screen interface, click the downward arrow on the small video cover at the bottom. Return to this full-screen interface by clicking the upward arrow on the video cover. Using this software to learn how to download movies from YouTube is easy and fun.



Step 3: Download videos


For those who want to download movies off YouTube for free, look through this part carefully. When the Download button appears on your YouTube video, follow the path of “Download” - “Video” to download it. The video resolution depends on your preference. To accelerate the download process, enable the Turbo-Speed download function by clicking “Downloads>Downloading” in the left navigational column.




Use this YouTube movies free download to download videos.

4. What Kinds of 1000+ Video Websites DVDFab Video Downloader Supports?

how to download movies from YouTube for free online is already not your concern. However, you may want to know how many websites this app can support. The latest number is 1000+, which means most popular websites you ever heard are supported by it. To give you a better understanding of what these websites are, we made a list of them. You can check the details from it.

Social Networking Platform
Instagram A photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. Users can upload their photos and videos on the app and share them with their friends, family and other followers.
Twitter An online news and social networking service, allowing users to post, forward contents on it and can be placed with various tags for topic segmentation.
Video-sharing Website
Vimeo A video viewing service provider based in the US, providing a variety of tools and technologies for content creators to let them create, distribute, and monetize videos. Besides, it’s ad-free.
TED TED Talks is a pool of speeches from famous people in their fields. Its topics are very extensive, including technology, environment, space...etc. “Ideas worth spreading” is its most famous slogan.
CNN A news website where users can read news from different industries, including politics, economics, health and so on.
BBC One of the most famous news website that provides readers with different news, including BBC news, culture, sport and so on.

5. What DVDFab Can Do?

Choose DVDFab to learn how to download movies from YouTube, choose to download videos successfully. As one of the excellent software in DVDFab, it proves how helpful it is. When you have difficulty in video copy, video ripping, video creating and video conversion, you can ask this powerful too for answers as well.

6. Conclusion

Do you have a full understanding of how this YouTube movie Downloader works? No matter whether you are going to download a single video or playlist, or perform a multi-task downloading, DVDFab Video Downloader is fully standing by to provide tech supports to download videos from more than 1000 websites, including the famous YouTube, Facebook and some regional and special-purpose websites. It delivers fast download speed and offers different resolutions for you to choose.

YouTube doesn’t provide a method for users to download videos. That’s why we created this tool to help you. This YouTube Video Downloader is a free and easy software for downloading online video clips.

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