YouTube Songs Free Download - A Perfect Solution to Download Videos

Summary: This article helps video fans download or save their favorite videos or playlists from more than 1000 websites with the powerful YouTube songs free download - DVDFab Video Downloader.
Many people will download videos from websites, which makes video download a common and frequent need. However, these websites may set limits for this practice, which explains the reason why a lot of users wonder how to download songs from YouTube for free. DVDFab Video Downloader offers the fastest and most convenient solution for users in need of video download and allows a wide range of formats, including MP3, MP4, SQ, HD, Full HD quality. Users are assured to use this tool without investing much labor. Try it and you will find a new world where top video download service is provided.

1. When You Are Searching A Handy YouTube Songs Free Download

How to judge which video downloader is more competent to download videos? You’d better start from the functions of the software you are going to choose. Have a quick look at the introductions of this YouTube song Downloader online and judge whether the available functions can satisfy your demands.
If it is powerful enough, continue to learn about whether the video downloader is easy-to-use. Nobody wants to adopt software which involves too many operations but is only used to address a small problem. In case you fall into a trap when selecting a video downloader, I sincerely recommend you a qualified video downloader - DVDFab Video Downloader, which has won high praise from its users.

2. Original Tool Available - DVDFab Video Downloader

Always desire to download songs for free off YouTube faster? Always desire to download videos in higher resolution? Always desire to realize multi-task download? Always desire to make subscribed channels download updated videos automatically? No problem. DVDFab Video Downloader will help your dream come true and bring you unexpected surprise.

StreamFab Youtube Downloader Pro

Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and 1000+ sites with a resolution of up to 8K. Supports multitasking and playlist download.

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3. A Detailed Tip to Use The YouTube Songs Free Download

Why not download videos with this YouTube songs free download – DVDFab Video Downloader?

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab Video Downloader

You need to open the website of Video Downloader and find Free Download on the left side, click it to install DVDFab Video Downloader on your device as led. And then this YouTube song download online free is accessible.

Note: You can change some settings manually rather than the default ones as needed before using this YouTube song download online free. Start this program, move your eyesight to an inverted triangle in the right top corner of the interface. Click it, then a new list comes into view. Hit Settings, the first option in the list, to go a new panel on which Video Directory and Download Video need your special attention. Instead of default setting, you can click a Folder icon under the Video Directory to change the output address if needed. If you click the upside-down triangle under Download Video, then all resolutions will reveal in front of you. Here we recommend you to choose Ask me each time.

This video downloader for Android brings you the best service to download videos offline.

Step 2: Find the Video to be Downloaded

how download songs from YouTube for free with DVDFab Video Downloader? An essential step is to find a video to download. Two methods are put forward here. The first one is to paste the URL of the video on the search bar located on the right top of the interface. The other one is to search the built-in explorer listed below the search bar, like YouTube, Twitter, just name a few, or click More to find the video.

Once the video is found, play it, then operational buttons, covering Add to, Play and Download, will appear when the video information is analyzed by this program.



Add videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

This YouTube songs free download is equipped with more features. For playing YouTube video, point your mouse cursor on Add to button. You can collect preferred videos to My Favorites on the left side of interface by clicking Add to Favorite; moreover, you can add them to the playlist by clicking Add to Playlist. Add to Playlist is available once you name a new playlist under Created Playlists on the left side of interface.

Download a Playlist or Save a Playlist

This program can provide more when you want to learn how to download songs from YouTube for free. It can recognize and analyze a playing playlist. Slightly different from a single video mentioned above, if you point the mouse cursor to Add to button, a new option, Save Playlist, appears and if you point to Download button, a new option, Playlist, appears. Clicking Save Playlist, you can collect the playing playlist on Saved Playlists on the left column. Clicking Playlist, you will face with a new panel, offering all videos under the playlist for you to choose to download. By hitting Downloads on the left side of the interface, you can check the downloaded music and videos, as well as the downloading process under Downloading option.

Play button

You may be curious about the Play button when you use this YouTube song Downloader online. As mentioned before, you can find the Play button on the suspending bar. Then click it to go to a new playing interface.

On this new interface, the leftmost album cover is used to unfold the playing video, the small heart next to it is to save the playing video to My Favorites. A cycling button situated on the middle part is provided to choose playing modes, including Repeat All, Repeat Single, Sequential and Shuffle. The rightmost button is Playback Speed used to set the playing speed you like.

Step 3: Download Videos

When a video is playing, you can click the Download button on this free YouTube song Downloader online to have the video downloaded. By the way, hitting Downloads on the left side of the interface, you can check the downloaded music and videos, as well as the downloading process under Downloading option.




Note: Turbo-Speed download function is available when you start to download.

You may have realized that this software is totally worth trying when you want to find out how to download songs from YouTube for free. Then do not hesitate, just go for it!

4. What Kind of Videos Can DVDFab Video Downloader Download?

Music to your ears. Your frequently-visited websites to download online YouTube songs, no matter they are popular or less popular, have been included by the 1000+ websites DVDFab Video Downloader supports.

To satisfy the increasing demands of video fans, DVDFab Video Downloader works hard to enrich its functions and offer HD video download, Turbo-Speed download, batch download and metadata download when it is need to convert YouTube video to WMV.

Top-ranking Video-Sharing Websites
Youtube It is the biggest video-sharing website in the world.
Facebook It is the leading picture-sharing website in the world.
News Website
CTV News It is Canada's 24-hour all-news network, delivering breaking news the second it happens.
BBC It is Britain’s biggest news broadcasting organization, delivering real-time news.
Professional Technology-Media Platform
CBS interactive It is the biggest global technological interactive media, subjected to Columbia’s CBS Corporation.
Brightcove It takes advantage of new media technology to spread colorful content through Brightcove online.

5. How Does DVDFab Service Users?

DVDFab Video Downloader is a well-known YouTube song Downloader online. DVDFab Software is the author of the most popular multimedia solution package known as DVDFab 11, which is an all-in-one bundle covering a total of 20 products. Those 20 products can be further categorized into 5 major modules, the Copy modules that make backups to DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays; the Ripper modules that convert DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays to digital videos; the Creator modules that produce homemade DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays; the Converter module that converts videos from one format to another; and the Utility modules that cover a couple of handy and useful tools.

6. Conclusion

Do you have a full picture of how to use this YouTube songs free download? DVDFab Video Downloader supports to download videos from extensive video hosting sites, presently, up to 200+ websites. This YouTube songs free download downloads videos in their original formats, in order to keep their detailed information and original video quality. Let’s count the key functions of DVDFab Video Downloader offers, playlist download, VIP download speed, multi-task download, auto-download subscriptions and more. It’s time to download it and have a try.

To satisfy the increasing demands of video fans, this Vimeo Video Downloader works hard to enrich its functions and realize its dream by offering HD video download, Turbo-Speed download, batch download and metadata download.

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