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The Ultimate AI Video Enhancer for Unparalleled Clarity and Quality — Enhance video quality and enlarge low-res videos up to 4K with the power of AI

Comprehensive AI Video Quality Enhancer

With AI ​​models that are trained by a neural network plus super-resolution technology, automatically enhance videos or movies with poor image quality and low resolution.

  • Enhance vide to 720P/1080P/4K
  • Remove video noise from any cause
  • Upscale to HDR10/dolby vision
  • Convert&Compress Video lossslessly
  • Upmix Audio to EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1

Perfect AI-Powerd Video Enhancement Solution

  • AI Upscaling
  • AI Enhancing
  • SDR to HDR
  • Remove Noise
  • Boost Framerate
  • Deinterlace Footage
  • This best ai video enhancer employs super-resolution technology to predict the missing pixels through neural networks. A variety of resolution options are available to meet a wide range of ai video upscaling needs, from 720P/1080P and up to 4K.

One-Stop Video Converting&Editing Tool

UniFab has two separate clients, VideoCrusie and Toolkit , supporting a variety of video editing needs in your daily life, such as splitting, cropping, rotating, flipping and mirroring, sharpening, and more.

  • Video Converting
  • Video Compressing
  • Video Editing
  • Video Creating
  • Convert Video to 1000+ Formats

    Supporting for more than 1000+ formats converting, you can effortlessly transform your videos into a compatible format for any device using UniFab. Watch your preferred videos on any handheld or mobile device, anywhere.

Lightning-Fast Processing with GPU Acceleration

UniFab boosts your video enhancing speed up to 50 times faster than usual with advanced GPU hardware acceleration technologies like NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync. So you can efficiently complete more tasks within the time limit.

How to use UniFab?


Step1: Launch UniFab and choose the mode you need

Double-click UniFab and choose the 'Enlarger' mode as an example

Video Enhancer AI guide 1

Step 2: Load the source and edit the output video

Add the video you want to upscale. Customize the output format, quality, audio, subtitle, etc.

Video Enhancer AI guide 2

Step 3: Start to edit video

Click the start button to initiate the process. Unifab will complete the task with GPU acceleration.

Video Enhancer AI guide 3
Enhancing your video quality NOW!
Original price: $429.99
Final Price: $299.99

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Recommended Specifications

Operating System: Windows 10 or higher (64 bit)
Graphic Card:

NVIDIA: Nvidia RTX series or above with 6GB or more of VRAM

AMD: RX 500 Series


Hardware Requirement:

Intel: Intel i7 (7th generation) or greater(4GHz and above)

AMD: Ryzen 7 or greater (4GHz and above)