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Besides the iTunes and Apple Music, YouTube is also a great place where music fans can find almost anything they are looking for, from tens of thousands of music channels. However, like the iTunes, the free version of the YouTube app has a major flaw — It does not allow background playback, nor does it allow users to transfer the downloaded files from one device to another.

Now, there is a solution to that unfriendliness — DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Mac, a handy YouTube MP3 converter utility tool for macOS environment, allows users to convert YouTube videos to premium quality MP3 audio files, and then take them anywhere to enjoy anytime on any music playback devices, a smart phone, a classic iPod music player, or even a wearable device.

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Convert YouTube Videos to MP3s for Unrestricted Playback

With this Mac YouTube to MP3 converter tool, breaking the limitation of the free YouTube app is made possible. Simply copy & paste the URL, you can convert your favorite music video to an MP3 audio file, with variable qualities. 320/256/192/128/96 kbps, that’s your call. The result is you can load the converted MP3s to your portable device and enjoy it anytime on the go. Besides, if it is okay to you to download and convert single videos one by one, then this great utility won’t cost you a nickel at all.


Download and Convert an Entire Playlist at One Go

To one or just a couple of videos, copying & pasting each URL to download and convert won't cost you too much of time. However, if it's an entire playlist which contains dozens of songs, copying & pasting the URL one by one to download won't be a pleasant experience at all. But don't worry! If the URL is recognized as a playlist after being analyzed, the Pro version of this YouTube MP3 converter software will give you the extra option to download and convert all the videos under that playlist at one go. In this way, you can get all the songs in a playlist with no sweat.


Download the Metadata and Apply to the Output MP3s

When downloading videos from YouTube, the metadata information, including the cover art, artist, title and others, will also be downloaded. What's more, after being converted to MP3 files, the metadata information can be retained. This is to say, when playing back the MP3 files on compatible devices, all the information will be displayed.


Turbo-Speed to Accelerate the Download & Conversion

The download of one video may cost you only a couple of minutes. But imagine an entire playlist that contains dozens of videos, or if you have several playlists to be downloaded, that would require quite a while. This is when and where the Turbo-Speed Download feature can help a lot. Once the Turbo-Speed is turned on, the download and conversion process can be 2X faster. This means, to download and convert an entire playlist won't keep you waiting too long.


Multi-Task to Download 5 Videos Simultaneously

By default, this YouTube to MP3 converter software can process one download task at a time. This means, even you've pasted several URLs each containing one video or a playlist, only one task can be processed, with others waiting in the queue. But if don't want to wait, you can enable the Multi-Task Download feature (available only to the Pro version) to process several download tasks simultaneously, with an upper limit of 5 at most.


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System Requirements

★ macOS 10.10 - 10.15
★ Core 2 Quad and above
★ 2GB of RAM
★ 10GB of free hard disk space
★ A live Internet connection

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DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Mac

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