World’s First Complete Solution to Beat the So-called Indestructible Cinavia Protection

Have you ever been in such a dilemma that when you play a backup disc of a Blu-ray movie on your PS3 or other Blu-ray players for entertainment then something unexpected and unpleasant happens -- the audio of the Blu-ray movie gets muted or it just stops playing, and you see a message on the screen telling you that the content being played is protected by Cinavia and is not authorized for playback on this device. What happened?

What is Cinavia? How does it work?

Cinavia technology is a kind of new protection for movies from theaters and on DVD & Blu-ray discs, aiming to limit the use of copies of movies, television shows, and other professionally produced videos that have been made without the permission of the copyright owner.
It requires two parts to work: a proprietary imperceptible audio watermark, and a piece of hardware which is able to detect that watermark. When media with the watermark embedded in the audio track is played back on a system with Cinavia detection, its firmware will detect the watermark and check that the device on which it is being played is authorized for that watermark. If the device is not authorized, a message is displayed stating that the media is not authorized for playback on the device and that users should visit the Cinavia web page for more information. Depending on the device and firmware, once the message is triggered, the audio may be muted, or playback may stop entirely.

DVDFab CinaviaRemoval HD: the World's First Complete Cinavia Removal Solution

The latest achievement from DVDFab Lab brings good news. DVDFab CinaviaRemoval HD is the world's first matured technology which is able to remove the Cinavia watermark from a disc completely and permanently, presenting users a clean backup with no Cinavia watermark traces left in. In other words, they can play back the copied discs or converted files on any Cinavia-infected devices, such as a PS3, without being interrupted again. The video playback no longer halts and, the audio no longer mutes! What a happy world!
Extra Attention: Although being sold as a standalone option, CinaviaRemoval HD does not work all alone. It is incorporated into Blu-ray Copy (main movie copy mode for the time being), Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray to DVD Converter. In other words, to use this option, either of the three products is required not to be expired.

A Quick Sneak Peak at Its Features

Output lossless Cinavia-free audio of best quality available (Copy module)
Convert and produce high quality audio track (Ripper module)
Complete and permanent Cinavia removal
Seamless and automatic operation
Compatible with all the Cinavia affected devices
Rich and up-to-date info on Cinavia
Use together with Blu-ray Copy or Ripper option

For more information about Cinavia, a list of Cinavia enabled players and Cinavia protected DVD/Blu-ray releases, please visit: http://blog.dvdfab.cn/cinavia-protection.html