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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

4.6 stars

Do NOT upgrade to DvdFab9!!

Odile Barbazan 2013-11-20

I've always been satisfied so far with the upgrades but that last one is a HUGE deception!! The burning tool freezes... meaning I cannot burn any BluRay anymore!! Plus the little preview window there was previously has been removed!! Conclusion, it's a regression. So if you decided to go for DvdFab9, make sure you install it in a different folder so that you'll be able to get rid of it and won't get stuck like me with non-working and missing functionalities!!

For Bluray Movie backup,this software is really enough.

Betta 2013-11-18

This copy software just has all the tools I need to back-up my Blu-ray collection. This program will allow me to make a direct copy from one Blu-ray disc to another with the utmost simplicity. And also allows me to playback Blu-ray video files in the player of my choice. The ripping processes take a good while, but that is expected when you're dealing with such large amounts of memory.


Wayne 2013-11-17

Itried the Blue Ray copy and had issues with the blue ray and cinaview,will you be able to illiminat the cinaview or create a exact copy type software where cinaview issues may be illiminated completly

This Blu-ray Copy helps a lot.

Randall 2013-11-13

I have some 18GB movies and I want to compress it for later use. I want to compress them later to watch in full without any quality loss and take up less space on my laptop.DVDFab Blu-ray Copy seems meets my need and compress quite good quality and help save much space.

Help backup and remove BD protection fairly well!

Angelia 2013-10-28

Backup the media, and breaking the copy protection is what this program does, and does fairly well. It also allows me to make Blu-ray 3D movie backups in several ways. Some cheaper programs that may also do the same thing, and even free ones such as the AVGo Media Recorder that will rip video, but obviously not so conveniently as my DVDFab Bluray Copy.

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