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DVDFab Video Converter

4.4 stars

Exactly what I needed.

Tayn 2014-09-24

Sensible easy on the eye and easy to understand layout,easy to use tools, a no nonsense quick and simple Video file converter.

Works well with ripping and conversion

wany 2014-09-17

I am using this software to convert dvd's to play on my home theater system. The conversions from DVD to xvid work really well, and fast. Great quality on my flat screen. I also convert the same dvd to take on my iPod, the converted files work well.

good software

Topstar 2014-09-17

simple and effective.<br />
Nice video converter software. It has very good features.

Excellent Conversion Software

PG 2014-09-17

1. Easy to use interface<br />
2. Supports all the Video and Audio formats<br />
3. Can Convert media to play on devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Zune, Sony PSP

It really was quick and easy.

kooba 2014-09-11

I have used the app for a long time,it works great! Very fast and powerful, hIghly recommend it!

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