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4.3 stars

Make DVD easy our of Blu-ray

Kelly 2013-07-10

with lots of Blu-ray disc in hand, some times it is kind of trouble to play it with certain player. Since i only have a DVD Player. this Blu-ray to DVD Converter can meet all my needs to converter Blu-ray movie into DVD, Which can be accepted and played in my DVD Player.


宮田昌宏 2013-06-18



Ben Alexander 2013-06-17

DVDFab 9045 will not copy DUNE and The Golden Compass correctly
the copy will play on PC only,It will not play on a reg DVD player
also the gold compass has a audio sync problem

Easy And Perfect Translation

Buck Rogers 2012-10-11

This comes in very handy instead of replacing all my DVD players', I convert to DVD and let the children & Grand-Children watch the movie in the other TV room. If they damage the disk, no problem, make another one. Keeping the Blu-Ray for myself and my system.

Was great while it was working

april montes 2012-10-06

We ordered this program and the Bluray copy program. Bluray copy program was great, easy, no problems. The Bluray to DVD copy program was great until it stopped working about 2 months after we paid for it. Worked great all during trial and for the first 2 months after purchase, then after About the second upgrade installed the program stopped working. An error message kept saying blank disc was not Bluray (it wasn't suppose to be, it's copying Bluray to DVD)write process could not complete.
Anyway we put it on a shelf until we had time to contact tech support. We have been going back & forth with tech support since June with no solution, despite this a refund was denied. Finally after several months of back and forth emails and 0 solution we got the program to work. Only after we installed another freeware program that works together with DVD FAB. So perhaps your better off just installing the Free ImgBurn and going with another program. If it worked properly it would easily be a 5 stars for ease of use, price, and novice friendly.

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