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Ever imagined enjoying your Blu-ray movies just on your DVD player, with the least damage of the original image and sound quality? Want to find just one tool to easily manage it without any aid from any other software? Luckily we have DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter now.
DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter definitely is the first software in the world which can convert any Blu-ray to DVD-Video disc for playback on DVD player or DVD player software with no third party's help. This will bring something new to the Blu-ray life of many individuals.
Happy user experience is ensured by its powerful capacities, blazing fast speed, outstanding quality, easy-to-use interface, and some other flexibilities and conveniences.

  • Read any Blu-ray content from the disc drive
  • Convert Blu-ray to DVD-Video disc independently without any help
  • Quickest speed and perfect output for Blu-ray to DVD conversion
Designed for nVidia CUDA Enhanced of Intel Core
4.3 stars

Blu-ray to DVD Converter Overview

As the first full-featured and the most powerful Blu-ray to DVD software in the world, DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter can convert any Blu-ray to DVD-Video disc all by itself for you to view using only DVD player or DVD player software.
It has the power to help you get access to any Blu-ray movies from your disc drives.
It converts any Blu-ray to DVD 9 or DVD 5 with high quality; copies and backups your Blu-ray from disc to your computer; creates DVD video from the Blu-ray saved on your PC.
Both NTSC and PAL Blu-ray are supported. The internal UDF 2.50 parser is included to read Blu-ray. Neither in the reading process nor converting process does Blu-ray to DVD Converter need any help from any third party utility.
What's more, it also supports batch conversion, multi-core CPUs, and the newest NVIDIA CUDA to delight users with cool speed, and save time and energy.
Note: DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter is now using the open source provided by FFmpeg project and licensed under LGPL.

blu-ray to dvd feature 1
Convert any Blu-ray to DVD
Helps you read any Blu-ray disc
DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter helps you read any Blu-ray content from your disc drive with ease.
Convert Blu-ray to DVD
One of its hallmark functions is the ability to convert Blu-ray to DVD-Video disc (DVD 5, DVD 9). Not only convert to DVD disc, but also in DVD format, and can be played on DVD player and DVD player software. Convert Blu-ray to DVD actually.
Convert independently with no help
The particular point sets Blu-ray to DVD Converter apart from other similar apps is that it can finish the whole Blu-ray to DVD conversion all by itself, without any help from any other utility. Really the FIRST software which can do that.
Backup Blu-ray as DVD folder/ ISO fileto hard disc
It also can copy and backup Blu-ray to the hard disc on your PC, saved as DVD folder or ISO file.
blu-ray to dvd feature 3
Super Fast Processing Speed and High Video/Audio Quality
Batch conversion
DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter of course converts Blu-ray titles in batches. So you don't need to manually process titles for conversion one by one and your energy is spared.
Multi-core CPUs + NVIDIA CUDA
Just like most of DVDFab products, Blu-ray to DVD Converter also supports multi-core CPUs and the newest NVIDIA CUDA technology to provide you the fastest processing speed out of your imagination. Time is saved to a large extent.
Outstanding output effect
The output produced by Blu-ray to DVD Converter is perfect in A/V sync, image and sound. Although the original Blu-ray content was compressed inevitably, you can enjoy fantastic output effect with the least loss as well.
blu-ray to dvd feature 4
Useful and Convenient Functions
Merge several Blu-ray titles into one DVD-Video disc
Blu-ray to DVD Converter can merge several Blu-ray titles into one DVD 5 or DVD 9 while keeping original chapter positions. And, you can re-arrange the order of these titles as you wish.
Select multiple audio and subpicture streams freely
You can freely select any Blu-ray audio track from many available ones and convert Blu-ray audio to DVD standard AC3 stream. You can also select multiple Blu-ray subtitles, and convert them to DVD standard subpicture streams.
Convert part of a title if you like
You don't need to convert one whole title if you just go for part of it. Use "Title Start/End Settings" to define a segment by re-choosing its start/end chapter.
"Loop" play can be activated
Activate the "loop" play function if you want your output DVD to play in this mode.
Preview title in real time
You can preview title with built-in video player, and preview in real time when choosing Blu-ray titles, audio stream, subtitles, and so on to help you set and avoid mistake.
View converting process with pictures besides detailed information
The converting progress can be checked with detailed information, such as elapsed time, left time, current processing percentage, etc. What may make you excited is the whole process can be viewed with vivid pictures from the very movie which changes correspondingly to the very converting stage almost each half second. Really a feast for your eyes!
No need to stand by while converting with auto shut-down
A small but vital feature is the auto shut-down function. With it enabled, you don't need to stand by during the whole converting process, just do what you want to do, and your computer will shut down automatically when everything is completed.

Supported formats

Blu-ray-Video disc, Blu-ray file folder, ISO images file
DVD-Video disc, DVD file folder, ISO image file

System Requirements

★ Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32-bit/64-bit)
★ Pentium II 500 MHz
★ 512 MB of RAM
★ 100 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
★ A Blu-ray Drive
★ Internet Connection (little network traffic used)
★ Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32-bit/64-bit)
★ Core 2 Quad and above
★ 2 GB of RAM
★ 1 TB of Free Hard Disk Space
★ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above
★ A Blu-ray Drive
★ Internet Connection (little network traffic used)

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