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Building the Industry's Leading Products

After 20 years of continuous improvements, DVDFab has developed a comprehensive product system that solves users' different audio and video processing demands.


Provides solutions to cover DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/BDAV file processing.
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Offers high-speed downloads of videos with high quality from 1000+ streaming sites.
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Provides solutions for playing locally stored videos including DVD/Blu-ray/UHD etc.
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Windows-based driver that helps users decrypt protected DVD and Blu-ray content promptly.
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Artificial intelligence technology provides file optimization solutions for DVDs, Blu-rays, videos, and images.
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Provides a solution for lossless conversion of multiple audio and video format files.
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The Excellent Team Behind DVDFab

Our team dynamic can be summed up according to its sharp business acumen and leading-edge technology, which covers many functional areas to deliver a better multimedia experience for our users.
  • Technology Team: consists of over 30 technical experts. They are dedicated to developing the latest products to offer users better experiences.
  • Marketing Team: composed of young marketing elites with sharp business acumen. They have expanded our market to 160+ countries by using innovative operational strategies.
  • Customer Service Team: consists of over 20 young people. They are proficient in several languages and are online 24 hours daily to assist customers promptly and efficiently.
We are concerned with what our customers are concerned with. We always stand in the shoes of our users to gain insight into their requirements and improve our solutions.
Our innovation is displayed by our constant drive to provide solutions that satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations.
We strive to be the best at what we do. Excellence is the hallmark of our success.
Integrity is not just a moral code for us, it is a significant value that can bring economic benefits to our business.

About Us? It's About You.

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