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The 21-In-1 package that offers DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD Blu-ray backup, conversion and authoring solutions, video/audio conversion solutions, Cinavia and DRM removal solutions, DVD/Blu-ray/video upscaling solutions, and more. Learn more →


DVDFab 11 Offline Installer

The Offline Installer of the above-mentioned 21-In-1 solution package.

DVDFab Downloader

2-In-1 package to download music (up to 320 kbps) and videos (up to 8K) from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and 1000+ other popular websites. Learn more >

Player 6

The all-in-one media center that manages all your local media libraries by Poster Wall, and plays DVDs/Blu-rays/4K Ultra HD Blu-rays with native navigation menu support. Learn more >


The 2-In-1 solution package to instantly decrypt DVDs/Blu-rays/4K Ultra HD Blu-rays for backup, conversion and playback with 3rd party software tools. Learn more >

DVDFab Toolkit

More than 26 handy video, audio, image and subtitles conversion and editing tools packed together, but each works on its own as an independent module. Learn more >

DVDFab 10

The last generation of the DVDFab 11 solution package. Learn more >

DVDFab Geekit

Separate the MVC streams into two lossless elementary streams, and then after being edited by other NLE editing tools, merge them into one stream again. Learn more >

DVDFab Remote

A handy mobile App designed for users to monitor the real-time task status in DVDFab 11 and receive in-time push notifications on events, updates and promos. Learn more >

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DVDFab Downloader for Mobile2

The Android version of the Downloader to download music (up to 320 kbps) and videos (up to 8K) from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and 1000+ other popular websites.

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DVDFab 11 can coexist on your computer with earlier major versions such as ver. 10 and ver. 9.

The DVDFab download includes: "DVD Copy", "Blu-ray Copy", "UHD Copy", "DVD Ripper", "Blu-ray Ripper", "UHD Ripper", "Blu-ray to DVD Converter", "DVD to Blu-ray Converter", "UHD to Blu-ray Converter", "DVD Creator", "Blu-ray Creator", "UHD Creator", "DVD Cinavia Removal", "Blu-ray Cinavia Removal", "UHD Cinavia Removal", "UHD Drive Tool", "Video Converter", "Hi-Fi Audio Converter", "DRM Removal for Apple", "Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS" "Enlarger AI" and "File Transfer".

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